Intro to Game Modding - Lecture 8


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Concept implementation

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Intro to Game Modding - Lecture 8

  1. 1. CISC 105: Intro to Game Modding Lecture 8: Implementation ©Charles Palmer – Fall 2013
  2. 2. Implementation Exterior Navmesh from “The Hustlers of Whiterun” by Simon Halliday
  3. 3. Building a section of your mod For the remainder of the class we’ll be building a section of your Skyrim mod. Your grade will be based on your ability to produce various items and functionality at each milestone. Build a location from your world map Place enemy units, loot drops, and at least one trap Add NPC dialogue Test Mod
  4. 4. Assignment Use the Creation Kit to build a portion of your mod. Find a bit of landscape, a cluster of buildings, or a dungeon from your level map and bring that section to life. Use the content you created in the Hero’s Journey assignment to flesh out the story. You may need to create a “What has gone on before” style element so that you’re test players will understand the Mod/Character’s backstory.
  5. 5. Assignment Use the Creation Kit to build a portion of your mod. Create a file which will be the bases for your final assignment. This first milestone should be the digital environment including clutter and lighting. When completed create a folder of screenshots which help visualize this area. Your folder should have 6-9 images taken throughout the area. Mix the points of view So that we have images representing both Designer and Players POV. Then zip and upload the folder to Moodle using the following naming convention - (first initial last name_course number_assignment number) example -