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Afrovas Research & Panel Presentation


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Afrovas Research House LTD is an independent Market and Social Research organisation with its HQ in Nairobi. Kenya.

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Afrovas Research & Panel Presentation

  1. 1. Afrovas Research House Redefining quality in African Research Data Collection | Project Management | Online Panels | Recruitment
  2. 2. Afrovas Research is an independent market research organization with HQs based in Nairobi, Kenya. We have teams and offices in strategic Angles of the continent that work seamlessly to deliver quality data in a timely efficient fashion. The Afrovas Research House has under its roof myriad of skills and expertise that is the robust team of its researcher operators with decades of experience in the industry, an unbeatable local familiarity with the continent resulting in incomparable local intelligence and perspective. We continuously prove our value by producing and delivering specific research solutions aimed at gathering priceless feedback for the clarification of important market and social phenomena. Who we are… Data Collection | Project Management | Online Panels | Recruitment
  3. 3. 1) Data collection 2) Project Management [Qual & Quant] 3) Proprietary Online Panels [Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya] 4) Panel Recruitment {Global ability} 5) High Profiles & HCPs Recruitment 6) Mystery Shopping 7) Market Analysis & Reporting Core Services
  4. 4. Services Coding & Dataworks  Data Collection (Both PAPI, CATI and Online)  Open-Ended Questions  Unstructured Data  Verbatim Transcripts  Data Scraping Market Trends  Marketing trends  Market surveys  Market analysis  Survey analytics  Research analysis Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty  Customer Satisfaction Measurement  Customer Loyalty Research  Customer Satisfaction Feedback  Customer Surveys  Voice of the Customer Telephone Surveys, CATI & CAPI  Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI)  Qualitative Interviewing Research  Telephone Survey Panels  Telephone Survey Tools  Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI)  Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI)  Paper-and-Pencil Interviewing (PAPI) Omnibus & Polls  Omnibus Surveys  National Surveys  Telephone Omnibus Survey  Online Omnibus Survey  Public Awareness Surveys  Consumer Survey  Public Opinion Survey/Polls Recruiting  Participant Recruiting  Market Research Panels  Marketing Focus Groups  Online Survey Recruiting  Omnibus Survey Recruiting  Qualitative Research Recruiting  Quantitative Research Recruiting Focus Groups  Focus Group Facilities  Focus Group Moderators  Online Focus Groups  Research Studies  Group Interviews  Viewing Rooms  Video Conferencing Focus Groups
  5. 5. Mystery Shopping Focus Groups General Population Surveys
  6. 6. Our African Field Coverage Southern Africa West Africa East Africa  Botswana  Benin  Uganda  Lesotho  Burkina Faso  Sudan  Namibia  Cape Verde  South Sudan  South Africa  Ivory Coast  Somalia  Swaziland  Gambia  Kenya  Mozambique  Ghana  Tanzania  Malawi  Guinea  Rwanda  Angola  Guinea-Bissau  Zambia  Liberia Central Africa  Mali  CAR  Niger  DRC  Nigeria  Burundi  Senegal  Zimbabwe  Sierra Leone  Togo
  7. 7.  Local Presence: We have an unbeatable network of field presence in all Sub-Saharan Africa. We are your feet on the ground.  Experienced Teams: Our team is a blend of both expertise and decades of experience in managing and executing research projects in Africa. From medical, b2b, b2c, online sampling and panel recruitment all over Sub-Saharan Africa.  Adaptable Team: We are able to scale vertically/horizontally and adapt our select team structure and orientation to your needs large or small.  Fast & Efficient Quality: We know the markets, we know the geography, we know what works and the most economical methods to achieve best results.  Cost Efficient: Whatever methods and approaches we use are tailored to match the local environment and fall in perfectly with the local dynamics resulting in miraculous cost minimization without compromise to quality. We do not waste resources on methods not feasible. Local PresenceExperience Adaptability Fast & Efficient Cost Efficient Why US?
  8. 8. Our Clients/Partners Some of our Research clients and partners include:
  9. 9. Panels – SOUTH AFRICA Total Number of Panelists: 52,821 FEMALE: 27,399 MALE: 24,253 To join our panel visit Recruitment :Double Optin Method Established: August 2014 Average Conversion Rate: 14% Average Profiling Depth: 15% Base Price: $ 4.5
  10. 10. Panels – UK Total Number of Panelists: 5,633 FEMALE: 2,345. MALE: 3,288. To join our panel visit Recruitment :Double Optin Method Established: August 2014 Average Conversion Rate: 17% Base Price: $ 3
  11. 11. Panels – NIGERIA Total Number of Panelists: 3,068 FEMALE: 821 MALE: 2,247 To join our panel visit Recruitment :Double Optin Method Established: August 2014 Average Conversion Rate: 19% Base Price: $ 5.5 Total Number of Panelists: 1,480 Panels – KENYA Established: August 2014 Recruitment :Double Optin Method Average Conversion Rate: 22% Base Price: $ 4.5 MALE: 960 FEMALE: 540
  12. 12. Some of our past Sample Buyers include…
  13. 13. Lets Talk… 3rd Flr. Suite 31, Buruburu Office Complex, Mumias South Rd, Buruburu, P. O. Box, 55449-00200 Nairobi, Kenya. +254 20 2411 164