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Read smarter, not harder


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7 Chrome extensions for heavy readers to boost their productivity while reading on the Web. List contains: Clearly,, RSS Subscription, Buffer, Pocket, TooManyTabsOpen, High Contrast.

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Read smarter, not harder

  2. TOO MUCH CLUTTER? Clearly • Removes all the clutter you have on webpages. • Blog posts, articles become clear and easy to read. • Export to Evernote. 2
  3. TOO MUCH TO READ? tl;dr by • Get a summary of the webpage you’re on. • Display summaries of the linked pages in popular aggregators (Hacker News, Reddit..). • Summaries are written by people. 3
  4. RSS JUNKIE? RSS Subscription by Google • Auto detects RSS feeds on the page you’re browsing. • Allows instant preview and subscription to the feed. • Compatible with the most popular RSS readers. 4
  5. SHARING ADDICT? Buffer • Share content to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn from one place. • Monitor the click rate on the links you share, See your potential audience for each tweet. • Schedule the time of publication of your posts, tweets. 5
  6. PROCRASTINATOR? Pocket • Save articles, videos for later. • Read your articles while you are offline. • Sync your reading list across all your devices (iOS, Android). niloccemoadcdkdjlinkgdfekeahmflj 6
  7. +20 TABS OPEN? TooManyTabs for Chrome • Manage the tabs you have opened. • Reduce the tab overflow and save sanity. • Allows you to free some memory and speed up you browsing. amigcgbheognjmfkaieeeadojiibgbdp 7
  8. INSOMNIAC? High Contrast • Inverts the color scheme of the webpages to make them easier to read at night. • Doesn’t break the original design or layout. • Release your inner howl! 8
  9. ENJOY READING @charlesmigli