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Tracking Gaps in the User Experience


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How to use digital analytics tools such as Google Analytics to find out where your users are failing

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Tracking Gaps in the User Experience

  1. 1. Tracking Gaps In the User Experience Charles Meaden Digital Nation
  2. 2. The Very Brief Intro • Been involved in web analytics for 20 years • Run a small agency specialising in analytics and usability based in Swansea
  3. 3. Great Quote Ease of use may be invisible, but its absence sure isn’t. IBM
  4. 4. The Flow
  5. 5. The Blockages
  6. 6. It’s A Combination of Things • Websites often fail due to multitude of issues • The whole experience is death by a thousand cuts • Aggregation of marginal gains
  7. 7. Analytics Will Get You Halfway There • Properly configured, it’ll tell you where you have an issue • Can’t necessarily tell you the important
  8. 8. Look at Device Type • Mobile has 38% of all traffic • Bounce rate is at 41% • Conversion rate is just 0.69% • Clearly an issue with mobile and good place to start
  9. 9. Browser and Browser Version • Don’t just look at browser • Look at browser and browser version • Remember Internet Explorer 8? – Visitors were seeing this at the checkout! – • Estimated loss of revenue was £75,000 a month
  10. 10. Funnels and Funnel Flow • Statement of the bleeding obvious…. • Gives you place to start looking for gaps • If using Google Analytics, don’t stop the at the default goals • Make friends with the API • Learn how to use tools such as Analytics Edge
  11. 11. Funnels and Funnel Flow
  12. 12. 404 Error Pages • At the very least track the referrer page • Segment against channel • Calculate how many are entrances to your site • Look outside your analytics – Crawl the site with ScreamingFrog – Use tools such as Textpipe to crawl log files for errors
  13. 13. Failed Search Terms • Capture search terms which generated zero search results • Analyse these to understand – Are they phrases your users use to describe your products – Are they for services you don’t (yet) offer • You can then finetune your search engine • At the same time, analyse all your search terms for their effectivness
  14. 14. Error Messages • Capture the error messages on all your forms as events • Youcanquicklyseewherepeoplearehavingissues
  15. 15. LiveChat Interactions • Where are people initiating the sessions • What questions are they asking? • Are they things that are not clear on the site?
  16. 16. Track Incoming Phone Calls • At the very least assign a unique phone number to the website • Ideally assign a unique number to each campaign • Get whoever answers the phone to make a note of common questions
  17. 17. Navigational Choices • If you can track which navigational elements people selected • Are people selecting – Menus – Images – Links in the body text • What are the most post popular choices • What elements are people ignoring
  18. 18. Toast: Case Study – Home Page
  19. 19. Toast: Case Study – Filters
  20. 20. Navigated To Pages • Which pages are your visitors choosing not to visit • Simple to calculate – Unique Page views minus entrances
  21. 21. Track Timings • Are there any pages that people less time on than expected? • Use page speed reports to determine whether some pages are slower than others – Set the sample rate at 10% of higher • Look into user timings to understand how long it people to complete a certain task • Read Tracking Conversion Duration in Google Analytics
  22. 22. Track When Things Go Wrong • Track key events such as logins • Vonage clearly didn’t • UseIntelligencealertstospotwhenissueshappen • Orbuildyourown
  23. 23. Heat Maps and Screen Recordings • Use a tool such as HotJar, Crazy Egg or Decibel Insight
  24. 24. Ask Your Users Why • Context Sensitive Questions • Post Sale Survey Questions – Why did you choose to buy from us today – Is there anything that might have prevented you from buying
  25. 25. Thank you and get in touch Email Twitter @charlesmeaden LinkedIn