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Baking Analytics Into Your Digital Projects


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Examines why analytics is often the very last thing to be considered on a project and ways to ensure that it's considered at the very beginning

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Baking Analytics Into Your Digital Projects

  1. 1. Charles Meaden Baking Analytics Into Your Digital Projects
  2. 2. 30 Seconds About Me… • Founded Digital Nation 17 years ago • Analysing websites for 19 years • 4th time at Measurecamp, 4th talk
  3. 3. I’m A Frustrated Man… • After 17 years, surely getting analytics right can’t be that difficult • But seemingly it is… • Craig Sullivan estimates that up to 95% of all implementations he has looked are wrongly configured
  4. 4. Meet Helen
  5. 5. Why Is This An Issue? •Shit in •Shit Out
  6. 6. A Quote from Frank Lloyd Wright • "Its far cheaper to use an eraser on the drafting table than a sledgehammer on the construction site"
  7. 7. What’s Baking Got to Do with It? • Baking and web / mobile development require lots of ingredients • Some are more obvious than others • Consider this ingredient • Analytics is just like baking powder • Unseen but pretty essential
  8. 8. We need to mix some Mary
  9. 9. With Some Heston
  10. 10. Who Is To Blame For This • Agencies • Developers • Our Clients • HIPPO’s
  11. 11. Full Service Agencies / Design Agencies • “We have considerable experience in Analytics” • really means • “We know a freelancer who’ll do it on the cheap”
  12. 12. Why Are They Not Engaged? • Don’t want their own homework marked • It’s not an easy sale • Clients haven't asked for it, so why should they push it • Don’t have the skills available in house
  13. 13. Developers • “I’d be delighted to take look at your specification document” • Really means • “I’ll put the code where I think is best”
  14. 14. Why Are They Not Engaged? • Fed up with being briefed by marketing folk • Lack of understanding on the tools available • It’s just another tag to be implemented • Arrogance
  15. 15. Clients • “We need to know what’s happening on our website” • really means • “Please don’t ask us what’s important to us as we don’t know”
  16. 16. Why Are They Not Engaged? • Lack of knowledge and understanding • Perception that it’s not their job • Scared of challenging their supplier / agency • Some of them don’t care
  17. 17. Hippos • “Analytics are the heart beat of our organisation” • really means • “How many hits did we have last week”
  18. 18. Why Are They Not Engaged? • Not reported in a language they understand • The value of analytics hasn’t been communicated to them • Lack of confidence due to the previous bad implementations
  19. 19. How do we bake analytics in?
  20. 20. Engage With Everyone In The Process • “I never design a building before I've seen the site and met the people who will be using it. - Frank Lloyd Wright • Make sure that analytics is on the agenda as early as possible • Speak in their language • Find out what will get them a pay rise • Be persistent
  21. 21. Always Be Educating • Work out where there is a lack of knowledge • Time taken to educate will repeat rewards long term • Screenshots and screencasts rock – Snagit and Camtasia from Techsmith are worth checking out
  22. 22. Specify To The Nth Degree • Be very precise about what you what • Explain why you need it and what the benefits are • Use examples, dummy data and wireframes to explain your points
  23. 23. Get and Keep Getting Feedback • Keep on asking whether analytics is providing the right information and insight • Ask how it could be improved • That way you keep in on the agenda
  24. 24. Calculate The Cost Of ‘Bad Analytics’ • Find examples of where bad analytics cost them money • Show the downside and then the upside • Make sure the value of your analysis is more than your invoice
  25. 25. Don’t Assume As it makes an ass out of you and me
  26. 26. Thank You • Twitter @charlesmeaden • Blog email