What dna and rna are


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What dna and rna are

  1. 1. DNA And RNA Home... Share | DNA And RNA What DNA And RNA Are Genetic Engineering Dept. Department Of Health And Human Services DNA And RNA DNA and RNA can often be a difficult topic to try understand since both have similar names - and more importantly both are similar within their function in the human body. DNA And RNA   DNA is an abbreviation of DNA Paternity Test Deoxyribonucleic acid and is found within a nucleus of any living cell. Cost Of DNA Test   RNA is an abbreviation of ribonucleic Home DNA Test Kits acid, and this is almost a copy of DNA cells within a molecule - that is also DNA Sequencing only found in living, breathing cells.   DNA Test RNA Extraction Without DNA and RNA, our bodies would not be able to properly function - as DNA and RNA make up the basis for who we are and what we look like. DNA and RNA combined - both RNA Isolation determine the colour of our skin, eyes, hair and even our personality. Our DNA and our RNA are both hereditary from our parents and are genetically transferred - meaning that our DNA RNA Purification and RNA are similar to our parents.   RNA Synthesis Even though DNA and RNA have distinct similarities, they are also different and provide different aspects throughout the living body. All living things have DNA and RNA built into » their cells and molecules around their body, including animals. This is why house pets such as dogs can sometimes have distinct similarities to their parents and thus look like them in some aspect too. This is almost the same genetics as humans.   Similarities And Differences Of DNA And RNA   DNA has all the genetic information to build cells and then place then appropriately to construct them into our genetics - whereas RNA translates this information that DNA produces and then transmits the information around the rest of the body. Rather than maintain the information like DNA does, RNA assembles the information that is maintained. So basically, DNA and RNA come hand in hand and without one, the other would not be successful.   Often RNA is not commonly thought about and many don’t know what RNA is - whereas DNA is commonly known and is a phrase many of us know. But RNA is just as important as DNA. As without it, our bodies would not function successfully and we would not have the amazing genetic build up that we all have and are able to pass on to our children. Another difference between DNA and RNA is the structure and the build up of them. DNA is shaped much like a ladder in the genetic structure and has many different nucleotides on its ring of ladder which all fit together in order to create and maintain a perfect genetic structure. On the other hand, RNA has one strand of nucleotides - making it a lot shorter and a lot smaller than a DNA structure. This thus mean that DNA has the larger role in the genetic structure of living organisms. RNA does play a very specific role within all living organisms yet, DNA plays a larger role.   How DNA And RNA Apply To You   Although RNA is not commonly known by people who are not scientists or students of this topic, it is becoming more widely known as more and more of us are becoming interested in how our bodies actually work. We’re also now concerning ourselves of our genetic build up to determine as to whether we’ll make nice looking children. Some people are concerned about what their children will look like and so will try and calculate the DNA and RNA of a potential partner.
  2. 2.   For example, what their hair colour, eye colour and skin tone is. These are genetically passed on traits and so a blonde haired woman and black haired man will make black haired children - as black is a dominant gene and blonde is a low gene. People are aware of this fact and so a blond haired woman may look for a blond haired man in order to create blonde children. DNA And RNA Headlines Helicos BioSciences Announces Launch of Diagnostics Business - MarketWatch (press release) Helicos BioSciences Announces Launch of Diagnostics BusinessMarketWatch (press release) The HeliScope Sequencer's ability to sequence single molecules of natural, unamplified DNA or RNA simplifies the diagnostic testing workflow obviating the ...Helicos BioSciences launches diagnostics businessMass DeviceHelicos launches diagnostics businessBoston Business JournalHelicos Targets 2011 Launch for Molecular Test for Hereditary Breast, Ovarian ...In Sequenceall 26 news articles » New Form of Gene Regulation Hints at Hidden Dimension of DNA - Wired News Wired NewsNew Form of Gene Regulation Hints at Hidden Dimension of DNAWired NewsThe findings involve apparently redundant copies of genes, called “pseudogenes,” and RNA molecules that would normally carry out genetic instructions, ..."Junk DNA" Takes Yet More Heavy BlowsDiscovery Institute (blog) all 2 news articles » Vestigial No More - U.S. News & World Report Vestigial No MoreU.S. News & World ReportMany pseudogenes can make RNA copies of the instructions contained within their DNA, but have flaws that prevent the next step in the process, ...The language of RNA decoded: Study reveals new function for pseudogenes and ...PhysOrg.commiRNAs Duped by Pseudogene DecoysEpiGenie (blog)Diverse set of microRNAs are responsive to powdery mildew infection and heat ...7thSpace Interactive (press release)all 20 news articles » Illuminating the genetic alphabet - Nanowerk LLC Nanowerk LLCIlluminating the genetic alphabetNanowerk LLCFigure 1: New, unnatural base pairs called Dss–Pa (left) can be specifically incorporated into DNA and RNA molecules while retaining bright fluorescent ... OTCMarketBulls: OTCMarketbulls.com Brings You the HOTTEST gainers! Sign Up ... - Trading Markets (press release) OTCMarketBulls: OTCMarketbulls.com Brings You the HOTTEST gainers! Sign Up ...Trading Markets (press release)The HeliScope Sequencer's ability to sequence single molecules of natural, unamplified DNA or RNA simplifies the diagnostic testing workflow obviating the ...and more » Share | Copyright © 2010 | All Rights Reserved DNA And RNA | Privacy Policy | Sitemap