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                                 Link Strength Explained - What Is
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blog to comment on, but the women's health website would not. This does not mean
government links are not attainable for b...
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Link strength explained what is link strength


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Link strength explained what is link strength

  1. 1. Share | Link Strength Explained - What Is Backlink Building Link Strength? SEO Department Search Engine Optimization and Backlinking Experts How To Backlink When learning how to Incoming Links increase the number of deep One Way Backlinks links to your website, you should also learn the Deep Links difference between a weak SEO and Backlinks link and a strong link. A strong link does not have to Anchor Text & Keywords be from PR4, PR5 or PR6 .com domains. Writing Content Instead, establishing links "Fast" Backlink Services? from .edu and .gov websites, no matter their Social Media Optimisation - SMO PR number can be a more effective campaign choice. Internal Link Structure Any .com domain can build a high PR number with the right amount of online content, SEO Tips backlink effort and traffic. This does not mean, however, that the website offers trusted 4 Advantages of Backlinking information. The .gov and .edu websites are run by educational and government authorities which means the content is held to a higher standard. Social Networking Tracking Your Backlinks The Visitor and the Domain Outsourcing Backlinks If two websites, a .com and Link Strength Explained a .gov publish an article on Viral Marketing Tactics the same topic, which website do you believe will Link Building Strategies offer the more trusted Backlink Discussion information? The Backlink Building Blog government website will be the source people will Tools And believe. Authority is the Resources work often used. The more Ultimate Online Marketing authority a website has, the stronger the link strength. Rolodex Link strength is especially important for a website that has focused all marketing efforts on the home page of their website. The inner pages, or source URLs for deep links, need to play catch up. There is no better way to play catch up that by establishing a few links to deep pages of the website on .edu and .gov domains. How to Earn a Link on a Website With Authority Earning links on common .com domains is much easier than an educational or government website. The easiest and most effective way is via comments on government blogs. Nearly every government website now has a blog associated with that website. These blogs allow comments, but the comment needs to be related to the website which can be hard for some businesses. The web hosting company, for instance, would have a harder time finding a government
  2. 2. blog to comment on, but the women's health website would not. This does not mean government links are not attainable for businesses outside of the health sector. Blogband, for instance, is a government blog dedicated to the establishment of a National Broadband Plan. Educational blogs are also available for commenting. The great thing about education is that nearly every business topic will be covered by some form of educational blog. When commenting on these blogs, make sure they have the .edu domain designation. Link Strength and a Common Theme If tackling the .edu and .gov websites for deep backlinks is not something on your marketing list, the next best choice is the relevant blog. Posting comments on a website that compliments the URL and even guest blogging on popular websites for a link back to a deep inner website page on the same topic are both great ways to build link popularity online with strong links. The deep links to your website are often more important than the links to the home page. If your marketing choices have populated the Internet with links to your www[dot]yourpage [dot]com domain only, you need strong links to the inner pages to regain link balance.   Share |   Copyright © 2010 | All Rights Reserved How To Backlink | Privacy Policy | Sitemap