Link building strategies


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Link building strategies

  1. 1. Share | Link Building Strategies Backlink Building SEO Department Search Engine Optimization and Backlinking Experts Link building is an How To Backlink important part of your Incoming Links Internet marketing strategy to increase your visibility One Way Backlinks because it helps to increase Deep Links your page rankings in the search engines. The more SEO and Backlinks legitimate backlinks you have to your site the higher Anchor Text & Keywords your page will rank in the Writing Content search engines. Link building also helps you with "Fast" Backlink Services? your relationship marketing. Social Media Optimisation - The more people that link back to your website the higher your opportunity to convert a SMO visitor into a new subscriber or client. The following are a few suggestions on how to start Internal Link Structure building your link popularity on the Internet. SEO Tips Social Media: Your social networking profiles are the easiest way to start building links for your site. After your site is live let people know you are there with social networking. 4 Advantages of Backlinking Create profiles on the major social networking sites first - LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Social Networking Add your website to your profile section so people will see it when they view your profile. Facebook also gives you the additional option of creating a Facebook fan page for your Tracking Your Backlinks business. In your profile/info area, add your site and keywords that people might use to Outsourcing Backlinks find your site. Link Strength Explained Directories: DMOZ is one of the popular online directories. Once your site is up, submit Viral Marketing Tactics your URL to this site. Although it may take DMOZ several months to list you, this is an important directory list with. Next search for directories in your industry; there are pet Link Building Strategies directories, health professional directories, etc. Search these directories and submit your Backlink Discussion site to help get your business name known. Backlink Building Blog Forums: Adding your site Tools And address to your signature Resources line when you post on forums gives readers an Ultimate Online Marketing Rolodex opportunity to learn more about you as well as gives you the opportunity to create backlinks. My advice is only post on forums where you actually have an interest in the discussions. Blog Comments and Submissions: Blog link building is similar to posting on forums. Only post to blogs when you have a genuine interest in the topic. If not, when the blogger reads your post they will label it as trash/spam. Some bloggers have added the 'DoFollowBlog' plugin for loyal readers to receive a backlink. You can also submit your blog to directories such as Technorati and Blog Explosion.
  2. 2. Article Submissions: Article marketing is another important part of an Internet marketing plan. For each article directory that you sign up to use remember to add the following in your resource box: * Name, Company Name * Site Address * Free Offer/ Call to Action The purposes for link building are to: * increase your visibility * increase page ranking in the search engines * support your relationship marketing interactions Use the above strategies and after 60 days go to Google or Yahoo to monitor your backlinks. Share |   Copyright © 2010 | All Rights Reserved How To Backlink | Privacy Policy | Sitemap