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                                  Deep Links, You Know You Need
Backlink Building                 Them - But Do Yo...
inclusion in their databases, but it does not guarantee that those pages will ever rank well
in search results.

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Deep links, you know you need them but do you know why you need deep links


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Deep links, you know you need them but do you know why you need deep links

  1. 1. Share | Deep Links, You Know You Need Backlink Building Them - But Do You Know Why How To Backlink You Need Deep Links? SEO Department Search Engine Optimization and Backlinking Experts Incoming Links Deep linking has been a bit One Way Backlinks of a controversial subject Deep Links over the past few years. SEO and Backlinks Most recreational webmasters completely Anchor Text & Keywords ignore them, while others Writing Content swear by them. Some Major League websites have gone "Fast" Backlink Services? as far as to create lawsuits Social Media Optimisation - against affiliates deep SMO linking in an attempt to limit Internal Link Structure direct access to inner pages of their sites, like sales and order pages, claiming it undermines their sales process and SEO Tips bypasses advertisers. 4 Advantages of Backlinking Despite the controversy, for those in the know, deep links have become an essential part Social Networking of their SEO strategy and the benefits are indisputable. Tracking Your Backlinks For those who don't know what a deep link is, it is simply a link from a page on one website that links directly to an inner page of another website. Unlike what is commonly Outsourcing Backlinks referred to as a backlink that simply links to the homepage, deep links typically point to a Link Strength Explained specific piece of information or relevant topic. Viral Marketing Tactics I'm a huge fan of Deep Links, while getting links to your homepage certainly has it's place Link Building Strategies in SEO, it doesn't even come close to the results you get from a deep link. Backlink Discussion A recent report from Nielsen stated that in the year 2004, about 40% of people traveled to Backlink Building Blog a website via the homepage and then drilled down to what they were looking for and only 60% arrived via a deep link. Tools And Resources In 2008, only 25% of all visitors arrived at websites via the homepage, the rest perform Ultimate Online Marketing specific keyword searches and expect to go directly to the information they are looking Rolodex for. We live in an age where people have a serious attention deficit, and on top of that we expect instant gratification. Especially when it comes to technology like the Internet. Google and other Search Engines know this, not only do they know it, but they are partially responsible for it. By creating smarter Search Engine algorithms and producing more relevant search results, users have become more accustomed to finding what they are looking for instantly. It leads to reason that you should make it as easy as possible for the Search Engines to find and rank your inner pages. Having an optimized internal linking structure for your site is important as well and it helps the Search Engine robots drill down through your site and create a list of pages for
  2. 2. inclusion in their databases, but it does not guarantee that those pages will ever rank well in search results. The reason for this is obvious, well maybe not obvious to us, but it is obvious for the search engines. You see, internal links are created by the webmaster and are very biased in nature, in other words, the SE's cannot trust them. Blame the thousands of unscrupulous webmasters that have tried to take advantage of the SE's using sneaky black hat methods. On the other hand, a one way deep link coming from another website pointing to an inner page on your site is like a direct, unbiased recommendation for the content on that page. The search engine robots will follow these links, and again using very smart algorithms and technology, will extract data and determine the value of the page, links and thus inclusion in future search results. There are many other factors that come into play when determining the value of a deep link and we have discussed some of them in depth over at be sure to stop by and join the conversation by leaving your comments. There are other benefits to deep linking as well, some of these are fringe benefits that come as a result of having more traffic direct to inner pages on your site. For example, Advertising. You can now sell advertising on these inner pages for a higher price once you prove the amount of traffic they are getting. This type of advertising is easier to sell as well, since the traffic is much more targeted and will convert to sales at a much higher rate. You can easily prove your traffic by using free tools such as Google Analytics to get detailed traffic statistics. In future articles we will talk about the structure of your site to properly handle the traffic you get from deep links as well as the importance of having outgoing links on all pages of your site. Share |   Copyright © 2010 | All Rights Reserved How To Backlink | Privacy Policy | Sitemap