Conversations Build Markets and Capability


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An Ode to 10 years of 'The Cluetrain Manifesto' in pecha kucha-like format

Charles Jennings
Duntroon Associates Ltd.

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  • Charles, thanks for reminding us all what Cluetrain has laid out and is coming to pass. It is reminders like this presentation that keeps an unemployed internal community manager like me going. Great slide deck.
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  • Chris Locke Then: web architect for Sun Microsystems, FT ‘top 50 business thinkers in the world’, Marketing expertNow: akaRageBoy , mystic bourgeoisie websiteDOC SEARLESThen: editor of Linux Journal, marketing, PR and advertising veteranNow: Author, thinkerDavid WeinbergerThen: Philosophy professor, comedy writer, humour columnist, technical columnist, strategic Marketing Now: academic, writerRick LevineThen: entrepeneur, manager, marketing executiveNow: chocolateier
  • Conversations build Markets and Capability
  • Marshall McLuaneach new communications medium is always Perceived – mistakenly – in terms of its predecessorPhotography – paintingFilm – stageInternet – TVThere’s a new culture ‘;out there’
  • Wirearchy: "Social strategy and architecture for wired organizations"
  • “Learning is the ability to acquire new ideas from experience and retain them as memories” Eric KandelColumbia University(Nobel Laureate for work on Learning & Memory)
  • To most large traditional companies, the notion that workers might actiually know what they’;re doing was a huge insight (Duh!).Knowledge worth having comes fro turned-on volition attention, not from slavishly following orders.
  • What about power relationships?
  • Business hierarchies are pyramids. Based on control, and fear …Are we playing into the game of hierarchies with our defined roles and cmpetencies? We define roles and competencies so ‘the business can run effectively and efficiently’ – but is it really so we have the comfort of knowing that we’re not going to be shown up? Dividing the organisation into separate little turfs doesn’t really protect anyone from fallibility and uncertainty…. The very things that mark us as humans…Hyperlinks have no symmetry, no plan. They are messy – unlike a nice clean hierarchy. More can be added, some can disappear… paths emerge because that’s where feet are walking ….
  • Conversations Build Markets and Capability

    1. 1. Conversations Build Markets & Capability An ode to 10 years of „Cluetrain Manifesto‟ Michael Krigsman
    2. 2. let me take 6 minutes 40 seconds to tell you a story … CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO “the clue train stopped there four times a day. they never took delivery.” about Conversations, Markets and Capability
    3. 3. the cast Chris Web architect for Sun Microsystems aka RageBoy FT „top 50 business thinkers in the world‟ Doc Editor, Linux journal PR guru, thinker David Philosophy professor, comedy writer, technical journalist, marketing guru Rick Entrepreneur, marketing executive, choclateier extraordinaire
    4. 4. 1999 2000 “Markets are conversations. Talk is cheap. Silence is fatal” 2010
    5. 5. “each new communications medium is always perceived – mistakenly – in terms of its predecessor” (Marshall McLuhan. Canadian educator and philosopher) equally, „new learning‟ is far too often perceived – mistakenly – in terms of terms of it‟s predecessor, „old learning‟‟ 5
    6. 6. “Your organization is becoming hyperlinked. Whether you like it or not. It's bottom-up; it's unstoppable.” David Weinberger, Cluetrain Jon Husband, Internet Time Alliance
    7. 7. the rise of social learning in the enterprise Manifesto Thesis 7
    8. 8. see the woods for the trees experience practice conversation reflection “Learning is the ability to acquire new ideas from experience and retain them as memories”
    9. 9. today‟s productivity is in the ACTIONS of people, not the information in their heads 9
    10. 10. “Most of what we call management consists of making it difficult for people to get their work done” Peter Drucker most of what we call learning consists of trying to memorise the unmemorable and the unmemorisable
    11. 11. “In 2009 more data was generated by individuals than in the entire history of mankind through 2008” Harvard Business Review The Social Data Revolutions
    12. 12. content is just a starting point … but conversation is the important trigger in our content-rich, interaction-poor learning world
    13. 13. Technology has always fostered connections, conversations and learning between people. Quill Pen Telephone Telegraph TV Computer Internet Mobile devices …….
    14. 14. Manifesto Thesis 17: “Companies that assume online markets are the same markets that used to watch their ads on TV are kidding themselves” “Organisations that assume the online generation want the same „stuff‟ that‟s delivered in classrooms are also kidding themselves”
    15. 15. An engaged workforce General Motors mistook Hondas and VWs for a passing fad. today most corporations are misreading the invasion from webspace… their brand will save them, right? their advertising budget will save them, uh-huh more bandwidth will save them. something will save them …. The clock is ticking in Internet time….
    16. 16. Manifesto Thesis 39: “The community of discourse is the market” “building and supporting communities of discourse are prime roles of any L&D Department”
    17. 17. We‟re seeing fundamental changes in the marketplace, the AGORA … ..from the world of Plato with his Academy (“push”) the world of Socrates with his dialogue and conversations (“pull”) This is no more evident than in our approach to learning and development
    18. 18. “The Internet is shifting power from merchants to customers .. .. you can hear the timbers creaking.” cluetrain manifesto education and training is shifting power from teachers to learners, from command and control to individual choice.
    19. 19. Manifesto Thesis 79: “We want you to drop your trip, come out of your neurotic self-involvement, join the party” “We want L&D to get off it‟s „high-horse‟ of instructional design and pedagogy, focus on helping people do their jobs well, and become part of the business”
    20. 20. in an ever-changing world, continuous learning is the only sustainable advantage Jay Cross and Friends „Working Smarter: informal learning in the cloud” February 2010 20
    21. 21. in a web-enabled world people, like documents, get hyperlinked … .. and the web isn‟t predicated on individuals, it‟s about the connections, about groups…. no symmetry no plan It‟s messy – unlike a nice clean hierarchy more can be added, some can disappear paths emerge because that‟s where feet are walking ….
    22. 22. Charles Jennings  Strategic Consultancy Duntroon Associates  Support & Mentoring for Transformation & Change Programmes email:  Learning & Performance Audits Web: Twitter: charlesjennings  Workplace Learning Reviews LinkedIn: charlesjennings  Informal & Social Learning Consultancy Skype: charlesjennings Flickr: charlesjennings  Workshops & Webinars  Team Mentoring & Coaching Blog: (or from  Strategic Learning and Performance Consultancy and Workshops Internet Time Alliance Blog: 22