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Stop the Leak: Email Encryption for Google Apps


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This presentation outlines alternatives for organizations using Google Apps to encrypt emails and protect messages and files. This provides an overview of the current state of the art and new alternative for encryption. Created by Will Ackerly, digital privacy leader and founder of Virtru, this presentation was originally delivered at GCON 2014.

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Stop the Leak: Email Encryption for Google Apps

  1. 1. Stop the Leak What Google Apps Admins Need to Know About Email Encryption Will Ackerly Co-Founder & CTO
  2. 2. Introduction Pulling Back the Covers: What You Need to Know Alternative Approaches to Encryption Virtru Demo
  3. 3. What Is Email Encryption? Point-to-Point Point to Point (SSL) • Nice if your provider uses it, but can’t guarantee your recipient uses it • Just because there is a green lock doesn’t mean it’s a secure communication Encrypted Content May be Encrypted May be Encrypted Encrypted Content Unencrypted Sender Recipient Mail Client Google Server Content Unencrypted Content Unencrypted Content Unencrypted Content Recipient’s Mail Server Mail Client Encrypted Pipe ? ?
  4. 4. What Is Email Encryption? Portal-based Zix and Google Apps Message Encryption • Helps enforce point-to-point encryption • Requires new account on a new system with distinct user name/password Sender Plain Text Content Encrypted Content Plain Text Content Mail Client Google Server Plain Text Content GAME Content Server Encrypted Content Mail Client Plain Text Content GAME Portal Encrypted Content Link to Portal Recipient 1st Interaction Register Account or Login Recipient 2nd Interaction
  5. 5. What Is Email Encryption? End-to-End Virtru, PGP, S/MIME • Protection at rest and protection in transit • Protects against compromised servers or lost clients • Recipient must have access to encryption keys Encrypted Content Encrypted Content Sender Recipient (Only Interaction) Encrypted Content Stays Encrypted the Entire Time Encrypted Content Encrypted Content Mail Client Google Server Encrypted Content Encrypted Content
  6. 6. 6 Tin Foil Hat Not Required encryption becoming mainstream
  7. 7. Mainstream Encryption Requirements 7 Cybersecurity Regulations Corporate Risk
  8. 8. Regulatory Requirements 8 Doctor Specialist Health Records/PII Patient Hospital / Clinic
  9. 9. Information Leaks 9 Competitor Customer List Sales Rep Sales Rep
  10. 10. Hacking and Surveillance 10 Threat is that unprotected copies proliferate • Senders “Sent Items” on all your computers • Recipients “Inbox” on all their computers • Sender ISP/Company Servers • Recipient ISP/Company Servers Sender Recipient Identity Thief Hacker Cyber Criminal
  11. 11. Doesn’t Google Already do This for Me? 11
  12. 12. What Capabilities Are Required 12 Super Easy To Use Anyone Must Be Able to Read Give Senders Control of their Content
  13. 13. 13 Virtru: Simple Email Privacy  As easy as Gmail  Protects emails and files  Send to anyone anywhere  Revoke, expire, control forwards  Control for Google Apps admins
  15. 15. What to do next 15 Try Virtru for Yourself Try Virtru for Your Company
  16. 16. APPENDIX
  17. 17. 17 Simple Email Privacy Google SSL Connection Google Server Encrypted Content Sender Recipient (Only Interaction) Mail Client Mail Encrypted Client Content Key Key Virtru Key Server