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First day power point

  1. 1. Welcome toMr. Erwin’s 6th Grade La nguage Arts Class
  2. 2. My name is Mr. Erwin and I am veryexcited to be your 6th grade language artsteacher. We are going to learn, have fun,and become better readers and writers.The only way that we can all besuccessful is if we follow classroomexpectations, policies, and procedures.
  3. 3. ExpectationsYou are now a middle school student which means that I expect a greatdeal from you. I expect the rules stated below to be followed at all times.•You will be quiet when others are speaking or when work is being done.•When you come to my class, you are prepared to learn. This means that youare quiet, hard-working and focused during class and that you come to classprepared.•Show respect to the teachers, students, guests and equipment within theclassroom.•Stay in your seat unless instructed otherwise. Sharpen pencils and pick upany supplies before class starts.•Be in your seat ready to work when the bell rings so that you are not tardy.
  4. 4. ConsequencesIf you choose not to follow the rules in my classroom, there will be consequences. I will start with a verbal warning, after that you will proceed to the list of consequences•Written Warning (This must be signed by one of your parents and returned to me thefollowing day. If I do not receive the signed referral, I will call/email your parents)•Teacher Detention (This form will also be sent home to be signed. Bring it back signed thefollowing day or I will call/email your parents)•If poor behavior continues, there will be a behavior meeting set up to discuss it.•Continued problems will lead to a parent-teacher conference.•Office Referral (Parents will be contacted) Certain Behaviors will result in a trip straight to the office without any type of verbal warning
  5. 5. Rewards!If you choose to follow the rules in my classroom, youwill be rewarded.0Class Excellence Competition0Reward Stickers/Stamps0Great Work Wall
  6. 6. Class Excellence Competition0 Each class period will pick a name for their team.0 The team will compete against the other class periods.0 The team with the most points at the end of the six-weeks will win a prize. (Ex. Game Day, Snack Day, 1 Free 100 grade)0 Teams can earn points with any examples of excellence.0 I (Mr. Erwin) will be the judge of the game and there will be no negotiating. If a team complains about the points system, they will lose points.0 If a team is behaving in a way that goes against the established rules, points can be deducted from the score.0 If a member of any team is seen tampering with the scores (changing them on the board), that team will lose all points for the six-weeks and the person who cheated will be given a detention.
  7. 7. Reward Stickers/Stamps0 Mr. Erwin will put stickers and/or stamps in your planner, bell work notebook or on your papers for class participation and good behavior.0 Do not ask for stickers or stamps; earn them. The teacher will decide who receives them and when.0 Each stamp and each sticker are worth 1 point.0 You can receive more than one sticker/stamp the same day depending on classroom participation and written work.
  8. 8. Great Work Wall0 If I decide that a particular paper is worthy, I will put it up on the wall for all to see.0 It will remain there for one week.0 I like to reward students for excellent work.
  9. 9. Daily RoutinesWhen you enter my Classroom I expect that you know exactly what to do. I shouldn’thave to tell you everyday what to do with your homework, book, planner, etc. Here ishow you will enter my classroom.•As soon as you come in the door, go to your desk and get out your homework. Turn it intothe basket at the back of the room. If it isn’t turned in before the bell rings, then I considerit late and therefore the highest grade you could receive is a 70.•After turning in your work, get your journal out of your class box and return to your seat.•Begin working on the bell work.•All of this should be done before the bell rings. There is no reason to be walking aroundthe classroom when the tardy bell rings!
  10. 10. Daily Routines, Continued• At the end of class:• The Bell doesn’t dismiss you, I do.• Make sure your area is clean and neat, or you will stay until it is . If you are late to your next class, then you will be late.• Double check and make sure you have your assignments in your planner so you know what to do for homework. I will occasionally check these.• Tissues are also located on the back table, I trust you can get one without causing a disruption.
  11. 11. Late Work PolicyOur job as middle school teachers is to prepare you forhigh school, and career or college after that. In highschool there will be a zero tolerance rule on late workwhich means that you should begin learning it now.1 Day Late: your grade will drop 30 points, which means that thehighest grade you can make on that particular assignment is a 70. 2 Days Late: your grade will drop another 20 points, which meansthat the highest grade you can make on the assignment will be a50. 3 Days Late: ZERO, no excuses, no chances, no tears .
  12. 12. Missing Work: School Policy If you haven’t turned ALL of your work in during the week, your teacherwill submit your name to Mrs. Pieniazek at the beginning of the following week. School Messenger will then contact your parents to make them aware that you have a zero in one of your classes. If that zero is NOT made up on Wednesday (of that week), you will receive a zero AND an after school detention.Your detention will be on Friday from 3:15 to 5:15. While in detention, you will still make up the missing work so you do not miss out on thelearning experience. But you will not receive credit for that assignment.
  13. 13. If you are absent…0 If you are absent, you are still responsible for the work that you miss.0 Any assignments that you missed will be in the folder corresponding with your period. (i.e. if you are in 6th period, go to the 6th period folder)0 They will be due the day after you come back to school. If you miss multiple days in a row then you will be given more time to work on the assignments.0 I will not remind you about your absence work. If you fail to retrieve it from the folders, it is not my problem. You will still be responsible for it.
  14. 14. Questions?