Safe Chain Powerpoint 8 2011 White


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Safe Chain Powerpoint 8 2011 White

  1. 1. Logistics Transportation Technology Consulting2011 Safe Chain Solutions - All RightsReserved
  2. 2. Contents• A word from Charles Boyd, CEO• About• Fact Sheet – Cambridge, MD Facility• Services• Pharmaceuticals• Partners• Supply Chain• Customer Service• Contact 2011 Safe Chain Solutions - All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. A word from Charles Boyd,President &CEOSafe Chain Solutions was created to be a trusted outsourcing channel for companiesin all industries. Through innovation and technology we help solve the challengesall business owners face, from IT consulting to supply chain management. Isn’t ittime to re-focus your energy on sales and increasing your bottom line? Don’t letthe hardships of trying to keep up with demand stop your company from reachingthe next level. Let Safe Chain Solutions simplify your needs by supplying for yourdemand.2011 Safe Chain Solutions - All RightsReserved
  4. 4. AboutSafe Chain Solutions is a full service, 3rd party logistics providercatering to the needs and demands of companies in the UnitedStates and abroad. Our clients range from wholesalers,manufacturers, and small privately owned pharmacies in thehealthcare industry, to food and beverage companies, andmarketing firms looking for help with inventory management.Safe Chain Solutions brings more than a decade of experienceand expertise to the table, and gives companies an advantage byoutsourcing their tribulations… in turn positively impactingtheir bottom line. We understand the difficulties associated withmaintaining a company in today’s challenging economy. SafeChain Solutions allows clients to streamline their processes sothat they can focus on profitability, growth, and the overallsuccess of their business.2011 Safe Chain Solutions - All RightsReserved
  5. 5. Fact Sheet – Cambridge Facility• Headquarters: 16,000 climate controlled Sq. Ft. with humidity monitoring• Building #2: 50,000 Sq. Ft. climate controlled available• 4 acres of additional land on site for future build out (Cambridge, MD)• State of the art 15 X 20 walk-in refrigerator with temperature monitoring• Conveyor structured fulfillment and cross docking center• 5,000 Sq. Ft. of Maximum Security storage protected by a 45 X 13 wire mesh security partition, high definition cameras, motion detectors.• Entire facility guarded by All Pro Security. 24-7 monitoring of 10 high definition cameras, motion detectors and door sensors. All security devices and stations only accessible by authorized personnel• JUST ANNOUNCED – WEST COAST EXPANSION. Planned opening of new facility near the port of Long Beach, CA in 2012 2011 Safe Chain Solutions - All Rights Reserved
  6. 6. Services• Inbound and Outbound Shipment Trafficking• Inventory Management & Storage• Drug Pedigree Compliance and Verification• Order Fulfillment• Licensing Management• Cross Docking• Business and IT Consulting• Online Account Management• Accounts Receivable and Billing Solutions 2011 Safe Chain Solutions - All Rights Reserved
  7. 7. Pharmaceuticals Licensed Pharmaceutical Distributor. cGMP-compliant & cGDP-compliant2011 Safe Chain Solutions - All RightsReserved
  8. 8. PartnersSafe Chain Solutions has partnered with some of the biggest, best, and mostrecognized companies to help us, help your company achieve its goals.2011 Safe Chain Solutions - All RightsReserved
  9. 9. Map Ever feel like your supply chain is spinning out of control? Let Safe Chain Solutions handle everything (including the movement of goods, information, and funds) from manufacturer to your end-user customers so that you can get back to what’s important… the growth and profitability of your company.2011 Safe Chain Solutions - All RightsReserved
  10. 10. Customer Service Hate getting a different operator every time you call a business? SCS personally assigns a Designated Representative to specifically manage your account providing you with the highest level of customer service.2011 Safe Chain Solutions - All RightsReserved
  11. 11. Contact and InformationSafe Chain Solutions, LLC822 Chesapeake DriveCambridge, MD 21613Toll Free: 855-43PL-SCS (855-437-5727)Fax: 855-614-4118E-mail: Info@safechain3pl.comWeb: www.safechainsolutions.com2011 Safe Chain Solutions - All RightsReserved