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Hagen ruff


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Hagen Ruff is an CEO and co-founder of Chava Energy. ChavaEnergy is the parent company of ChavaScience and ChavaWind. Hagen Ruff is also a head of Business Information Solutions LLC.

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Hagen ruff

  1. 1. Mr. Hagen Ruff is accountable for the general CHAVA Wind offering from mechanical design with end-user systems integration along with sales and marketing. ChavaEnergy is the parent company of ChavaScience and ChavaWind. At CHAVA, everything starts with engineering excellence, based on our German engineering heritage. Our unique blade design is a modified NACA0018 profile that forms a tension only troposkein shape. The CHAVA design is able to output 25 KW at 11m/s wind speed and reaches 44% efficiency at peak but is also able to withstand hurricane force winds of up to 280KM/hr. Because the design is inspired by nature, it fits in in any environment (although it’s not designed for single family homes in crowded urban and suburban environments). Mr. Hagen Ruff is also committed to charities and offers tips on how to choose the best charity to support.
  2. 2. Website Charity advice Website Chava Wind Website Chava Energy While the real revolutionary projects are still in the making, we have decided to take a smaller step in that direction with a rather evolutionary but highly sophisticated engineering project, a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine. The initial market launch of our 25KW version will be in Japan in early 2015, where the shuttered nuclear plants after Fukushima and subsequent electricity shortage have created a solid demand for commercially viable clean energy.