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Coronavirus training elearning course


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Coronavirus Training Elearning Course

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Coronavirus training elearning course

  1. 1. Coronavirus Training Elearning Course As fears about COVID-19 increase worldwide, unscientific claims and unreliable advice are spreading fast. Drawing upon the latest information from a variety of trusted public sources, this course cuts through the confusion by looking at what a coronavirus is and what makes COVID-19 unique. You’ll learn how the disease spreads, what symptoms to watch out for, and how to prepare with prevention and proper response strategies. We’ll also unpack what audiences—such as travelers, parents, and businesses—should know, as well as how to handle remote teams and we’ll sort through some frequently asked questions. This course is provided for personal use only and not for any commercial, professional medical or business purpose. All content and opinions presented throughout this course are for educational purposes only and do not constitute the provision of professional medical or public health advice. Get the > ​Coronavirus Awareness Training​ course