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Slides from "Making The Business Case For Enterprise Social Networks" Report

  1. 1 Making The Business Case For Enterprise Social Networking February 22, 2012 Charlene Li Founder and Partner
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Editor's Notes

  1. Preparing For The Future Of Social MediaThe hotly anticipated Facebook IPO marks a watershed moment for social media -- no longer the bright shiny objective, it's time to stop dabbling and get serious. Yet most organizations look at social media as a check list -- got a presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn? Check it off the list. But unbeknownst to these leaders, much of the hard work still lies ahead. Charlene Li share what the future of social media looks like from our perch here in 2012 -- and what we need to do today to get ready. We'll discuss the detailed process of how to create a robust social business strategy that is holistic and integrated, as well as the core capabilities your organization must have in 2012 to be competitive.