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Slides for "The Evolution of Social Business"


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Slides from the Altimeter Group Report, "The Evolution of Social Business" by Charlene Li and Brian Solis. Feel free to download and use these slides under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.

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Slides for "The Evolution of Social Business"

  1. 1The Evolution of Social Business:Six Stages of Social Media TransformationMarch 6, 2013Charlene Li & Brian Solis
  2. These slides are from the Altimeter report available at This research is published under the principle of Open Research and is intended to advance the industry at no cost. These slides are intended for you to read, utilize, and share with others; if you do so, please provide attribution to Altimeter Group.© 2013 Altimeter Group
  3. © 2013 Altimeter Group
  4. 14 ABOUT US Altimeter Group provides research and advisory for companies challenged by business disruptions, enabling them to pursue new opportunities and business models. Visit us at or contact© 2013 Altimeter Group