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Uno presentation clickable

  1. 1. THE COMPANYUnlimited Network of Opportunities International Corporation(or UNO) is a convergence of the finest network marketers inthe country today as they offer new opportunities, conquer newchallenges and welcome new partners in this impressive andgenerous way of extending help to millions of Filipinos here andabroad.
  2. 2. THE COMPANY THE COMPANYUNO is a dynamic marketingcompany engaged in thedistribution of health enhancingnatural products and otherservices that address the needsof modern living.
  3. 3. THE COMPANY THE COMPANYUNO is run by top network industry leaders whose credibilityhas been years in the making. In its forefront are top-caliberprofessionals and successful network marketers with severalyears of experience in leverage marketing.UNO takes on to deliver a performance breakthrough!
  4. 4. VISION VISION OUR OFrom now on, UNO and its members will be looked uponas the finest, trustworthy and highly regarded networkmarketing group in the Philippines fulfilling the promise ofa decent, healthy and prosperous future.
  5. 5. OUR MISSIONUNO is committed to our Build the People, Build theBusiness philosophy. Our mission is to provide first-rateproducts and services in the fields of health, technology andeducation in partnership with responsive and faithfulnetwork marketers.
  7. 7. PACKAGE AThe Fact: Close to 2,377,987 fatalheart attack incidence every year.Modern living in the Philippines hasnow influenced majority of the P7,300.00peoples eating habits. Lessnutritious food and more fatty dietnow characterize that you see onevery table- a situation resulting inrising cases of Cardiovascularailments include heart attacks and •6 boxes of Grape Seedstroke- the top two killers in thecountry today. Extract) (Powder •120,000 PhP Family AccidentSome Insurance Plan by Stronghold of the benefits of Grapeseedextract: Insurance Company Inc.• Helps in the fight against •P2,500 worth of products •Sales Kitcardiovascular death.• Has the ability to scavenge free •Online Portfolio •Trainingsradicals and reduce the cholesterol •Membership IDbuild-up.• Stops cholesterol from buildingup in the arteries.
  8. 8. PACKAGE BCoconut Oilhas been used for centuries as avital source of food for health andgeneral well being in traditional P7,300.00communities of tropical regions. It iscalled “The Tree of Life” ,abandoning unhealthy lifestyles andreverting to natural foods can help toreverse many of the diseases thathave manifested in our bodies. •4 are some of what coconut oilHere boxes of Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) •120,000 PhPcan do for you: Family Accident• Improve your energy. Reduces Insurance Plan by Stronghold Insurance Company Inc.your risk of heart diseases. •P2,500 worth of products• Reduce your risk of cancer. •Sales your• ImproveKit digestion and ability •Online Portfolioto absorb nutrients. •Trainings• Promotes weight loss and •Membership IDmaintenance of your ideal weight.Help prevent bacterial, yeast, fungaland viral infections.
  9. 9. PACKAGE CPure GlutathioneThe nourishing benefits ofGlutathione: Serves aspowerful antioxidant to protectkey cell components from P7,300.00damage by neutralizing thesefree radicals. It improves thecardiovascular and immunesystems. It also detoxifies.Eliminates free radicals andperoxides. ItGlutathione•2 boxes of repairs DNAsynthesis,PhPimportant factor•120,000 an Family Accidentin the prevention ofby Stronghold Insurance Plan cancer(prostate cancer) Insurance Company Inc.•P2,500 worth of productsAmino acid transport - the•Sales Kitsteady schedule of amino acid•Online Portfolioin our body is necessary.•TrainingsImmune system•Membership IDenhancement- the body likeany machine weakens anddeteriorates.Enzyme activation - these
  10. 10. PACKAGE DHealth Coffee never tastes and smells thisgood!Is a food supplement from premium Arabica P7,300.00beans roasted to perfection and combines thewonders of Agaricus Mushroom, Tongkat Ali,Ginkgo Biloba, Omega 3, Calcium Carbonatemixed with non-dairy Creamer & naturalsugar.The anti-oxidant properties of natural coffeeisboosted with the combination of Ginkgo •7 boxes of 8 in 1 Coffee MixBiloba which is known to improve memory •120,000 PhP Family Accidentand other cognitive functions. Tongkat Ali with Insurance Plan by Strongholdits vitalizing effects, the immune- Insurance Company Inc.strengthening qualities of Agaricus •P2,500 worth of productsMushroom, Omega 3 DHA which is proven to •Sales Kitreduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. •Online PortfolioAll these help prevent, if not eradicate, •Trainingsoccurrence of most common diseases •Membership IDtowards a health and vigorous lifestyle.AGARICUS MUSHROOMImmune system booster Anti Cancer/ Anti
  11. 11. PACKAGE EGlutathione Soapwith Grapeseed Oil ExtractThe new product that comes in a barsoap is more enhanced to totally answerthe need to ward offP7,300.00 the imperceptiblesigns of aging, stress and harmfulelements in our skin.WHITENING & ANTI-AGING SOAP withthree potent ingredients that make more •20 pcs. of Glutathione Soapwonders to beauty lovers.: ROSEHIP •120,000 PhP Family AccidentOIL, GRAPESEED & VITAMIN C Insurance Plan by Stronghold Insurance Company Inc.GLUTATHIONE: proven to diminish the •P2,500 worth of dark spots,skin imperfection, products and •Sales Kitblemishes. •Online Portfolio •TrainingsROSEHIP OIL: works on fine lines and •Membership IDwrinkles and other natural or manmademarks on our skin. It has been proventhat rosehip creates miracle specially inreducing pigmentation. Beauty experts
  12. 12. PACKAGE F Magneto therapy is the application of the magnets to the body to P7,300.00 stimulates the nerves and create a better blood flow to various parts of the body. In turn, this helps the organs and glands to function better. Medicine itself is considered irrelevant as no medicine is orally•A choice of anywithour Bio-Magnetic fed or injected of magneto therapy. It is the natural with Infra Red Therapeutic Bracelet way of (FIR) stimulating your body.•120,000 PhP Family Accident Other Benefits: by Stronghold Insurance Plan Insurance Company Inc. • Blood Circulation•P2,500 worth of products • Increase Body Metabolism•Sales Kit Muscle Ache • Relieve•Online Portfolio Level • Increase Energy•Trainings • Ease Arthritic Pain•Membership ID • Control Diabetes and High Blood Pressure
  13. 13. PACKAGE G Ultima-C is effective in addressing the adverse effect of the following: •Ultima-C is a revoluionay yet Arthritis •natural Vitamin-C that is readily Adrenal Insufficiency •absorbed by the body cells. Its Alcoholism •unique cellular actions are due to Allergies P7,300.00 •Vitamin-C metabolites that work to Asthma •maximize Gums utilization of Bleeding cellular •Vitamin C. It is a super antioxidant Bone Abnormalities •that strengthens the Immune Bruises •System of the body to perform Cancer • Cataracts•4atleast 300 necessary functions in boxes of Ultima C (Sodium Ascorbate) •the body. Protects the body Confusion•120,000 PhP Family Accident •against flu, cough, bronchitis, Colds Insurance Plan by Stronghold •respiratory problem, viral & Cough Insurance Company Inc. •Dental Cavities bacterial infections. Ultima-C is•P2,500 worth of products •alkaline Depression•Sales Kit thats why we are able to •stay away from Arthritis Discomfort from•Online Portfolio diseases and •cancer. Easy Bruising•Trainings • Effects of Air Pollution•Membership ID • Effects of Radiation • Fatigue • Fever • Free Radicals
  14. 14. PACKAGE HFit RightGreen tea and L-Carnitine withAmpalaya Studies suggest that ampalaya contains a hypoglycemic P7,300.00 polypeptide, a plant insulin responsible for its blood sugar lowering effect. Other benefits suggest body detoxification (including removal of nicotine),•5 boxes of Fit Right strengthening of the immune•120,000 PhP Family Accident system and fertility regulation. Insurance Plan by Stronghold Increasingly recommended as a Insurance Company Inc. supplement to traditional•P2,500 worth of products therapeutic regimen for diabetes•Sales Kit mellitus.•Online Portfolio•Trainings L-CARNITINE supplement helps to•Membership ID optimize acid oxidation and assists in the return to normal weight. L- CARNITINE plays a central role in energy metabolism. It is an
  15. 15. PACKAGE IORGANIC THANAKHA SHILES Clearsyour skin from blemishes especially like:Freckles, acne, pimples, blackheads &whiteheads, sunburn, skin discoloration,skins itchy rashes, & facial rashes.Moreover, it increases the production of P7,300.00Collagen and Elastin (skin proteins) toprotect and prevent your skin frompremature skin aging like wrinkles anddryness. Organic Thanakha Shiles isnot Based on any large amounts of•4 boxes of Organic Thanakhachemicals and synthetic oils used by•120,000 PhP Family Accidenttraditional cosmetics. Natural Thanakha Insurance Plan by StrongholdMake-up is 100% Organic without Insurance Company Inc.question! It will cause you no allergies,•P2,500 worth or any other side effectsskin irritations of products•Sales Kit lifetime of use.even in a•Online Portfolio•Trainings THANAKHA ROSE. AsideORGANIC•Membership your mind from stress andfrom relaxing IDanxiety of the everyday grind, the scentof rose also: Moisturizes, regeneratesskin and Hydrates aging skin. It also
  16. 16. PACKAGE JSupreme whole food concentrate &storehouse of concentrated nutrients.Richest source of CHLOROPHYLL “Natures Healer” the most powerfulblood cleansing agent & it detoxifiesthe bowel, kidney & liver. P7,300.00Richest source of Chlorella GrowthFactor (CGF) “ long life factors”,enhancer of immunity, retardant ofaging, stimulates tissue repair &improves nutrients intake.Richest source of natural PPAR • 3 bottles of KryptOrganicAgonists- the most promising •120,000 PhP Family Accidentbiomedical molecules for metabolic Insurance Plan by Strongholdsyndrome, anti-inflammation, and Insurance Company Inc.cancer in worth of products •P2,500 the 21st century. •Sales KitC leanses blood •Online PortfolioE nergizes cells •TrainingsL•Membership ID ower cholesterolL ose weightR egulates blood sugar
  17. 17. PACKAGE K Glutathione New Light Formula Lotion Health First Gluta Lotion is created to whiten and protect P7,300.00 your skin from harmful ultraviolet sun rays. Plus, it moisturizes and revitalize your skin.... making you radiant... making you desirable. 1st Health Glutathione Lotion• 12 bottles of Glutathione Lotion•120,000 PhP skin from harmful protects the Family Accident UV rays andPlan by Stronghold Insurance lightens skin naturally. Company Inc. Insurance•P2,500 worth of products Dermatologists tested and•Sales Kit approved.•Online Portfolio•Trainings•Membership ID use 1st Health For best results: glutathione capsule and glutathione soap.
  18. 18. PACKAGE LPrime JuiceMangosteen & Goji BerriesJust the few of the many reasons why weshould start drinking Prime Juice1. Extend your LifeGoji is known as the "longevity fruit". Its P7,300.00unique molecule polysaccharides andpowerful antioxidants defend againstpremature aging, fighting free radicaldamage throughout the body. • 3 boxes of Prime Juice2. Energy and Strength Booster •120,000 PhP Family AccidentPrime Juice increases exercise tolerance, Insurance Plan by Strongholdstamina and endurance. Helps toeliminate fatigue,Company Inc. Insurance especially when •P2,500 worth of productsrecovering from illness. •Sales Kit •Online Portfolio3. Look and Feel Younger •TrainingsStimulates the secretion by the pituitary •Membership IDgland of Human Growth Hormone, theyouth hormone for a more youthfulappearance..
  19. 19. Advance Care PACKAGE MAloe Vera Extract with Bee PropolisToothgelINGREDIENTS:Sorbitol Solution, Hydrated Silica, P7,300.00Purified water, Glycerin, Sodium LaurylSulfate, Cellulose Gum, Flavor,Refined Ethyl Alcohol, SaccharinSodium, Bee Propolis, Aloe VeraExtract, Menthol, Methyl Paraben,Propyl Paraben, CI 15985, CIToothgel • 13 boxes of Advance Care 19140. •120,000 PhP Family AccidentAloe Vera is also used Stronghold Insurance Plan by in dentalcomplications such as bleeding gums Insurance Company Inc.and denture stomatitis. Gel from the •P2,500 worth of productsAloe vera leaf has shown good •Sales Kitconsequences in treating facial edema. •Online PortfolioAlso good in eliminating bad breath •Trainingsgiving us a naturally bright and radiant •Membership IDsmile.Bee Propolis is a yellowish-brownsubstance that honey bees collect from
  20. 20. PACKAGE NUNO SCALAR PENDANT is madefrom natural minerals and GermaniumDioxide that are fused and bonded at amolecular level. It produces ScalarEnergy that restores the Bodys energy P7,300.00by helping to balance its bio-electricfield. Inwardly, Scalar Energy helps byfacilitating cell permeability therebyenhancing many physiologicalfunctions. Outwardly, it enhances thebodys bio-electric field which is • 1 set of Scalar Pendantessential to overall good health. •120,000 PhP Family Accident Insurance Plan by StrongholdBENEFITS Insurance Company Inc.••P2,500 worth unclumping of cells Promotes the of productsthereby Kit •Sales enhances cellular movement.••Online Portfolio Boosts the immune and endocrinesystems. •Trainings••Membership ID nutrition and Enhances cellulardetoxification.• Protects the body from harmfulradiation & electro magnetic waves.• Helps retard the ageing process.
  21. 21. PACKAGE OKojic Acid SoapKojic acid soap is used as a skinlightening agent for people who mayhave sun spots, freckles and other P7,300.00forms of pigmentation on their face,hands and neck.BenefitsUsing Kojic acid soap on a regular • 20 may help reduce the appearancebasis pcs. of Kojic Acid Soap •120,000 PhP Family or reduceof age spots, eliminateAccidentfreckles, reduce or eliminate their Insurance Plan by Strongholddiscoloration from pregnancy and Insurance Company Inc. •P2,500 worth of productsstrengthen cell activity. The soap is •Sales many Japanese men andused byKit •Online Portfoliowomen as part of their regular facial •Trainingsregimen so that the skin stays soft and •Membership IDvibrant. Kojic acid also hasantibacterial and anti-fungal properties.
  22. 22. PACKAGE PHair Treats | 6 in P7,300.00 1 Your hair is your crowning glory, but can be the source of major headaches and problems when•your hair and 6-in-1 is not working 11 bottles of scalp Hair Treats•120,000 PhP you areAccident limp, properly and Family left with dead and lifeless hair. This blend Insurance Plan by Stronghold has proven to be effective and Insurance Company Inc. extremely popular with people that•P2,500 worth of products•Sales Kit hair seriously. take their•Online Portfolio•Trainings•Membership ID
  23. 23. PACKAGE QThe ACai berry possessedscientific qualities that no otherfruit can claim. It has the proteinprofile like an egg, P7,300.00 calcium profileAMAZON The times more standslike the milk, 10 word that anti-for GREATNESS, STRENGTHoxidants than red wine, has omegaAND NATURE. that of virgin oliveoils compared to And one-fourthof the oxygen inthan entire worldoil, and has more the 56 nutrientsand vitamins on that Amazonis 1 bottle of Acai therich Acai rain produced by Berry •berry. Research shows That “theforests. They’re known asthe •120,000 PhP Family Accidentacai berrythepacked with nutritionallungs of is earth.” Stronghold Insurance Plan byvalue, including healthy fats, fiber Insurance Company Inc.along with low gylcemic index. •P2,500 worth of productsThat’s why it is no surprise that •Sales KitAcai berry is considered as the •Online PortfolioNo.1 SUPERFOOD IN THE •TrainingsWORLD. The ACAI berry has the •Membership IDstrength, energy, richness just likethe Amazon where it came from.
  24. 24. PACKAGE RIf using body moisturizer after theThe main benefiting component inbody scrubs your body will be left with scrub, is that they ex-foliatea smooth, baby-soft and silky feeling.the skin and thoroughly cleanses1st refreshes skin deeper thanandHealth Body Works can stimulateregular soaps and P7,300.00the immune system of skin to fight body washesskin aliments, the disease do.normally have skin ability to and keepits youthful good for helps with dryThis is both vitality. It those pull outtoxins from the skin. the bloodskin, as it stimulates To massage theskin with a good body scrub hascirculation and the production ofshown that the Body circulation in athe skins natural oils,Works • 10 bottles of blood and produceperson is improved, which has manynew healthy skin. For those with •120,000 PhP Family Accidenthealth benefits.oily skin, body Plan byis an Insurance scrubs StrongholdSince the skin Companylargeeffective way to deeply clean area of Insurance covers a Inc.our body, worthand blackheads thatclogged poresimportant to nurture •P2,500 it is of productsand take an oily it. 1st Healththrives in care of environment. Body •Sales KitWorks is Portfolio way oil will beDead skin cells, dirt andto get clean, •Online a healthyget invigorated, getreleased and leave the skin •Trainings bloodcirculation going, using a bodyrejuvenated whenand the mood •Membership IDuplifted.scrub.
  26. 26. PACKAGE A P10,500.00• 9 boxes of capsules of Fit Right• Sales Kit• Online Portfolio• Trainings• Membership ID• Debit Card
  27. 27. PACKAGE BP10,500.00• 6 boxes of Ultima C• Sales Kit• Online Portfolio• Trainings• Membership ID• Debit Card
  28. 28. PACKAGE CP10,500.00• 10 boxes of Grape Seed• Sales Kit• Online Portfolio• Trainings• Membership ID• Debit Card
  29. 29. PACKAGE DP10,500.00• 7 boxes of Virgin Coconut Oil• Sales Kit• Online Portfolio• Trainings• Membership ID• Debit Card
  30. 30. PACKAGE E P10,500.00• 2 boxes of Glutathione Capsules• Sales Kit• Online Portfolio• Trainings• Membership ID• Debit Card
  31. 31. PACKAGE F P10,500.00• 7 boxes of Thanakha• Sales Kit• Online Portfolio• Trainings• Membership ID• Debit Card
  32. 32. PACKAGE G P10,500.00• 6 Bottles of Kryptorganic• Sales Kit• Online Portfolio• Trainings• Membership ID• Debit Card
  33. 33. PACKAGE H P9,500.00• 1 Magneto Therapy Bracelet• Sales Kit• Online Portfolio• Trainings• Membership ID• Debit Card
  34. 34. PACKAGE I P10,500.00• 2 boxes of Fitright, 2 boxes ofUltima C, 1 box of VCO, 1 box ofGrapeseed, 1 box of Tanaka anda bottle of Kryptorganic.• Sales Kit• Online Portfolio• Trainings• Membership ID• Debit Card
  35. 35. PACKAGE JP9,500.00• 1 Scalar Pendant• Sales Kit• Online Portfolio• Trainings• Membership ID• Debit Card
  37. 37. WAYS TO EARN1.Direct Selling2.Direct Sponsoring3.Matched Sales4.Uni-Level5.UBC Program
  38. 38. DIRECT SELLINGEnjoy earning up to50% retail profitwhen you directlysell productsand services
  39. 39. DIRECT SPONSORINGEarn P500 CASH + 750 worth ofproducts for every product package sold(outright over the counter)
  40. 40. MATCHED SALESEarn P1,500 cashpairing bonus.
  41. 41. MATCHED SALES DIRECT SPONSORING MATCHED SALES Left Right P500 Cash + P750 worth P500 CashSales Sales of products P500 CashGroup OU Group P500 Cash + P750 worth P500 Cash 10 MATCHED SALES of products P500 Cash + P750 P500 Cash P500 Cash + P750 worth P500 Cash MAXIMUM PER DAY worth of products of products P500 GC 5th Match P1000 Cash P1000 Cash P500 to 9th + P750 6th Cash Match SEVEN DAYS PER WEEK worth of products P1000 P500 Cash P1000 Cash P1000 Cash P15,000.00 PER DAY P1000 GCCashMatch 10 P500 GC 5 Match P1000 P500 Cash th th P1500 Cash 11th Match to INFINITYP450,000.00 PER MONTH P1500 P1000 10TH Match P1000 GC Cash P1500
  42. 42. MATCHED SALES 12 MONTHS PROJECTIONMonth Every 5th Pair is equals to 1 Cycle 1st = P500 Bonus: 2nd = P1,000 1st Cycle = P1,500 GC 3rd 4 4 = P3,000 2nd Cycle = P1,500 GC 4th 8 8 = P10,500 3rd Cycle = P1,500 GC 5th 16 16 = P24,000 Every 5th Cycle or 25th 6th 32 32 = P48,000 pair you receive Ayala 7th 64 64 = P96,000 EGC or Sodexho Gift 8th 128 128 = P192,000 Certificate 9th 256 256 = P384,00010th 512 512 = P450,00011th 1024 1024 = P450,00012th 2048 2048 = P450,000 = P2,109,000
  43. 43. UNI-LEVEL: Feasibility Study on P1000 Gross Purchase per Month Enjoy rebates FIVE WITH P1,000.00 THE POWER OF in your group sales MONTHLY to 10thPURCHASE up GROSS level OU 1 = P1000 X 3% = P150 2 25 = P1000 X 7% = P1,750 3 125 = P1000 X 5% = P6,250 4 625 = P1000 X 3% = P18,750 5 3,125 = P1000 X 2% = P62,500 6 15,625 = P1000 X 1% = P156,250 7 78,125 = P1000 X 1% = P781,250 8 390,625 = P1000 X 1% = P3,906,250 9 1,953,125 = P1000 X 2% = P39,062,500 10 9,765,625 = P1000 X 3% = P292,968,750 Conservative Activity DYNAMIC Rate Assumption COMPRESSION x 1% = P3,369,644
  44. 44. UBC/ STOCKIST PROGRAM UBC PROGRAMEarn P450 forevery productpackage soldand 10%overridingcommission onrepeat purchase.
  46. 46. GIFT CERTIFICATESSodexho PremiumPass is a perfect gift foreveryone. It is honoredin over 3,000 qualityestablishmentsnationwide.