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Budget Friendly Ideas for Donor Stewardship

This webinar, presented by Vanessa Chase, offers ideas for creating a donor stewardship plan that uses cost-effective stewardship tactics, and covers: why donor stewardship is the one of best way to grow your fundraising revenue; 5 tips to create a donor stewardship plan; easy, cost effective donor stewardship ideas.

Watch the full recorded webinar here:

Budget Friendly Ideas for Donor Stewardship

  1. 1. Budget Friendly Ideas for Donor Stewardship Presented by: Vanessa Chase of The Storytelling Non-Profit - and - CharityVillage
  2. 2. Question for You Does your organization do a good job stewarding donors?
  3. 3. Vanessa Chase Fundraising and Communications Strategist Speaker: Association of fundraising professionals, Council for Advancement and Support of Education, npEngage, BBCON14, Association of Donor Relations Professionals Clients: BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, Hope for the Nations, Wagner Hills Farm Society, A Rocha Canada, Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine
  4. 4. What You’ll Learn • Why donor stewardship is the best way to grow your fundraising revenue • 5 tips to create a donor stewardship plan • Easy, cost effective ideas for donor stewardship • Answers to your questions
  5. 5. Donor Retention The sector average for donor retention is 41% and donor attrition is 59%
  6. 6. Question for You Do you know your organization’s retention rate?
  7. 7. Donor Retention How to calculate your donor retention rate (Number of donors who gave in 2013)/(Number of 2013 donors who gave again in 2014) x 100
  8. 8. Finding Solutions Demonstrates impact + accountability Practice of gratitude Shows donors that you care
  9. 9. WAVAW 2010 – 2011 Fiscal Year Revenue $41,000 2013 – 2014 Fiscal Year Revenue $181,000 How? Monthly thank-a-thons Handwritten notes More touch points without an ask They focused on taking care of their donors
  10. 10. Creating a Donor Stewardship Plan
  11. 11. Know Your Donors Who are your donors really? Honor who they are and their preferences Donor surveys
  12. 12. Know Your Donors
  13. 13. Be Donor Centered It’s about the donor, not your organization You versus we Say thank you + report impact
  14. 14. Question for You What do you do to steward donors?
  15. 15. The Stewardship Plan When and how will you acknowledge gifts? How else will you steward donors in between asks?
  16. 16. Stewardship Ideas Thank You Letters Use a creative opening sentence. Not “On behalf of. . .” Give a specific example of how the donation will be used. Include a picture or two of the work in action. Personalize the letter - donor’s name, gift amount, why they gave.
  17. 17. Thank You Letters
  18. 18. Question for You What will you do to update your thank you letters?
  19. 19. Stewardship Ideas Handwritten Notes Have your Board Members write a few notes at the beginning of their meeting Use a different colored ink from the printed letter “I am so grateful for your gift! Thank you for being a champion of our work in the community.” “This year you have helped _____. Without your heartfelt gift, this would have not been possible. Thank you!”
  20. 20. Stewardship Ideas Thank You Phone Calls “Hi, my name is Vanessa and I’m a staff member at _____. I’m calling today to say thank you for your recent gift! We were absolutely delighted to receive it and because of it you are making ______ possible.
  21. 21. Stewardship Ideas Donor Newsletters
  22. 22. Stewardship Ideas
  23. 23. Stewardship Ideas Surprise and Delight Non-branded thank you card Confetti (in moderation!) Mission-driven gifts or events
  24. 24. The Stewardship Plan Gift Level Acknowledgement Letter Tax Receipt Thank You Call $1 to $99 Yes – within 3 days Yes – early January $100 to $499 Yes – within 3 days Yes – early January $500 to $999 Yes – within 3 days Yes – early January Yes – within 2 weeks $1000 + Yes – within 3 days Yes – early January Yes – within 2 weeks
  25. 25. The Stewardship Plan Monitor your results and evaluate your stewardship plan at least once per year Integrate the principles of great donor stewardship into your plan Focus on taking care of your donors Enlist the help of others
  26. 26. QUESTIONS?
  27. 27. Thank You! m @vanessaechase storytellingnp/