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How National Kidney Foundation Is Using Activity Tracking to Rebrand Its National Walk


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With virtual fundraising events here for the foreseeable future, organizations are taking a more strategic approach to creating virtual events that can enhance their peer-to-peer fundraising programs in the long term. One tool proving especially effective in driving participant and donor engagement is activity tracking—and National Kidney Foundation is putting it to the test by putting a virtual spin on its Kidney Walk campaign.
Join National Kidney Foundation’s Deanna van Lear and Charity Dynamics’ Kathy Kempff for a webinar, Thursday, August 27, at 11:30 a.m. CT, as they discuss NKF’s rebranding efforts around its Kidney Walk “Lace Up” campaign. This includes a series of participant challenges centered around fitness tracking designed to encourage all forms of engagement — physical, fundraising, recruitment, etc. — in a virtual environment.

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How National Kidney Foundation Is Using Activity Tracking to Rebrand Its National Walk

  1. 1. ©2019 Charity Dynamics – Confidential & Proprietary Bringing the Power of Activity Tracking to Virtual Events
  2. 2. Who We Are Deanna van Lear Kidney Walk National Director Kathy Kempff CEO, Charity Dynamics
  3. 3. Where do you begin?
  4. 4. Virtual Event Strategy Rebranding Event Activity Tracking Participant Engagement
  5. 5. Virtual Event Strategy
  6. 6. Short-Term Need and Long-Term Benefits Lower Costs Rain or Shine Scheduling Flexibility Mission First More Inclusive Your Why Matters
  7. 7. Rebranding Event
  8. 8. Different paths, common goal.
  9. 9. A challenge for every walker A few of our favorite upcoming challenges: • 1-Day Streak – Asks walkers to log their activity for one day. That’s it! • 5-Day Streak – This week-long challenge asks walkers to log their activity for five days in a row. This could be a fun team activity to get folks working together and holding each other accountable. • 37,000 Steps – This challenge will give folks a very attainable step goal that can be achieved over the course of a few days (or one very ambitious day). Will you take 37,000 steps for kidney patients in your state?
  10. 10. Build Your Walk Day Outfit L A C E S$1+ O F F I C I A L T - S H I R T$10 0 S O C K S$250 L A C E U P M A S K $500 T O P F U N D R A I S E R S H I R T$1,000 NEW: National Incentives that encourage social engagement
  11. 11. Participant Engagement
  12. 12. Challenges Competition Achievement Participant Engagement Corporate Engagement Motivation
  13. 13. “Everybody has their own Mount Everest they were put on this earth to climb.” ~ Seth Godin
  14. 14. Boundless Fundraising mobile app users raise more and receive more. How do we bring this to the next level? 3X Facts and Figures
  15. 15. Activity Tracking
  16. 16. Percentage of Population Using Mobile Apps/Fitness Tracking Device Statista -
  17. 17. 22 Introducing…
  18. 18. ©2020 Charity Dynamics – Confidential & Proprietary Have questions? Contact us