Aa ctn job sales kit pitch doc file v.2


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Aa ctn job sales kit pitch doc file v.2

  1. 1. Charity Care* Stores International Become a Community Fund Raiser for Charity Care Stores International Earn $70 - $140 per day $3,000 per month, repeat income! We offer a $100 buy-in, repeat income professional fund raising program for low stakes entrepreneurs.Looking for a Bridge Over Troubled Waters?Community fund raising is a job you can be proud of. All you need are the tools toget started and a business card. For $100 we provide that opportunity. Specifically,we provide a point-of-sale Presentation Package that you can print out on yourcomputer. If you have the modivation and pro-active personality to to call on smallbusiness owners . . . you’ll make money.To understand our business, you need to fully understand our web site. If haven’tdone so, please visit us at www.CharityCareStores.org. Click on every page to understandour business model.Join Charity Care* Stores InternationalAs a Community Fund Raiser for Charity Care Stores International, your new job isto sell in-store displays for Charity Care* Discount Shopping Cards. The cardsgenerate money for both local and international charities. Indirectly, you’ll be helpingto raise money for the Red Cross, American Cancer Society, Save the Children andother organizations of critical impact around the world.Within your own community, our program generates money for local causes. Youselect the cause, visit the organizers and establish a fund raising relationship.Cross that Bridge with Americas Most Powerful RetailersThe key to your success is the fact that small business owners want to participate inlocal fund raising activities. Our program allows store owners to donate $1 for everycard sold to community causes, while generating new business through crossmarketing with other stores. More importantly, the program is supported by hundredsof major online retailers, allowing consumers to make FREE DONATIONS to charityevery time they shop . . . online. All you have to do is “sell the display” and behindthe scenes . . . you make BIG MONEY!
  2. 2. All you need is 30 Stores to Make Money!The stores purchase price is $100 for 100 cards. An easy sale. Your profit is $70cents per card or $70 per sale. In a single day, you should be able to set up one or twostores, maybe three. To make $3,000 per month, you need just 30 stores selling threeto seven cards per day. The number of cards you will actually sell depends on yourrelationship with the store owner. In-store displays and free literature will generatepassive income . . . but store owners willing to “push the card” at the cash registerwill send your income through the roof.And the Entrepreneurial Spirit to Make it Happen!Our basic program is designed to help you get started. It’s the least expensive incomeopportunity in America. However you will need a small amount of working capitaland you will need to think like an entrepreneur. You can hire sales people to openadditional stores, private label the cards with local companies or introduce theprogram to local churchs and fraternational organizations.Most of the key information you’ll need is downloadable on your computer. A fewitems have to be purchased at your local office suppy store. Overall, the packageincludes an In-store Sales Presentation, Sample Shopping Cards, Product Display,Marketing Materials and field suppport from Charity Care Stores International.Everything is on a PDF file except the cards. They will be mailed to you.With these tools, you will be able to test market the product and obtain initialcommitments for sales. Once you have made 5 sales, and if you love the job, you’llneed to buy product for your stores. However, the profit from your initial sales willcover the cost of inventory. Order your product, return to your stores and start makingmoney. Here are 3 of the 5 elements of our plan: Brochures: We provide the art work for 8.5X11 folded brochures. These are sample brochures you can print on your home computer. Later, youll need to print quanities of these brochures as part of your inventory. Sample Charity Care* Shopping Cards: We provide you with 3 sample Charity Care* Discount Shopping Cards. The store owner agrees to purchase 100 of these cards for $100. Retail value: $200. Your profit: $70 per order, plus repeat sales. Plexi-glass Sheet Holder: In addition to your $100 investment, youll need to buy one plexi-glass brochure holder (see art work below) and a small quanity of business cards. We will provide the art work for the business cards.
  3. 3. The work is fun . . . and the money easy Business Owners are Nice People: For the right person, the fun part is visiting the stores. Most small busines owners are friendly and open to new products. They see sales reps everday. The fact that you represent charity is an added benefit. If the owner is in and the timing is right, you can make the sale that day.Here is what you need to know:We Are a Grassroots OrganizationBefore you invest any money, you need to understand that we are a grassrootsorganization. That means were not a big company and your not paying big money.We’re in this business together. The goal is to raise money for charity and create jobsfor low risk entrepreneurs. When you make money, we make money.Founded by an Experienced EntrepreneurThe Managing Director of our company is George R. Unwin. During the 1970s and80s, George was President of the American Advertising Network, board member ofKarl-Lorimar Home Video, President of Vidstar Entertanment, founder of the WorldTrade Franchise Directory, and during the 1990s, contributing editor and mentor toAmerikidz Magazine. He has been an entrepreneur for over 30 years, many of thoseinvolved in creating and executing new ideas. As a member of our team, you willenjoy working with George and benefiting from his experience.And our Mission is to Raise Money for Charity. Peroid.The driving force behind our mission is our association with Americas brand nameretailers. The stores provide enormous credibility for you, as a fund raiser, and forconsumers concerned about humanitarian causes around the world. Our website issimple, easy to navigate and clearly indicates our credibility as an organization, ourcommitment to charity and our “outreach” to churches and other organizationswilling to help us raise money for human suffering. The only thing we ask of you isthat you share our vision and communicate that vision to your clients.Here is an example of the kind of Marketing Materials you will be working with.The actual product will be designed by a professional graphic artist. 1. Inset Page for Plexi-glass Sheet Holder 2. Take One Brochures for Customers
  4. 4. This Store is a Member of: Charity Care Stores InternationalCharity Care* Shopping Cards On Sale Here: $2.00 each! Make FREE DONATIONS to Charity Every Time You Shop . . . Online! Your purchase includes a $1 donation to: My Town Fund Raising Program Shop at Americas Leading Online RetailersYou pay the same price. Your favorite charity makes money! Make Donations to Americas Most Important Charities CharityCareStores.org
  5. 5. Take one . . . Charity Care* Stores Discount Shopping Cards “There but for fortune go you or I” Joan Baez On Sale Here: $2.00 each! Make FREE DONATIONS to Charity Every Time You Shop . . . Online! Your purchase includes a $1 donation to* My Town Fund Raising Program CharityCareStores.org
  6. 6. CharityCareStores.org Our websites are hand picked to reflect stores you know and ones youll want to discover . . . Purchase Your Charity Care* Travel: American Bridal Lego Discount Shopping Cards Expedia Bare Necessities Highlights Orbitz Forzieri Here Readers Digest Travelocity Fredricks of Time Life Cheap Tickets Hollywood Panasonic Make FREE DONATIONS to Charity Hotwire Perfume.com Nutri Systems Trip Advisor Camille Beckman Plough and Every Time You Shop . . . Online! Philosophy Hearth Shopping: Sundance Inifity Shoes You pay the same price. Linen N Source Wal Mart Cafe Britt Your favorite charity makes mone y Target Sealy Advanced Auto Macys Rockport The Shoe MartCharityCareStores.org is a simple way to use the Internet Jane Seymour Nordstrom Alison Risso to benefit those less fortunate. By simpy linking from our Saks Fitfth Ave. Fabrics.com Ella Mosswebsite to an extensive network of brand name retailers, we Beyond the Rack Elf receive what is called an "affiliate commission" on every New Circuit City National Gourmet sale. We hold those commissions in trust, managed by a Home Depot Geographics Reebok Foods:Certified Public Accounting Firm legally required to donate Clinique Glasses USA Omaha Steaks 75% of the income to participating charities. The Body Shop Ebooks Lobsters Online Barnes & Nobel No scam involved. Simple. Intelligent. Profitable. Discovery Stores Hearst Ranch PetSmart Ancestry.com Dean & Deluca By purchasing a Chairty Care* Discount Shopping Card FootLocker Warner Bros. Hawaii Coffee Wallgreens you contribute money to local charities, enjoy online Disney Stores Ghriadelli Pacific Sun discounts at our stores, additional discounts wherever Mrs Fields Splendia Chocolat Charity Care* cards are sold, while helping Americas Pet Mountain Wine & Beauty.com leading charitable organizations during troubled economic Fiji Water Cheese.com Gift Baskets times. . . absoultely FREE!
  7. 7. Looking for a job? We provide the tools you need to get started and the knowledge you need to make it happen! Your Bridge Over TroubledYour Community Needs You Waters Begins Today Join us. We need you and want you as part of our family. People Need People You are cordially invited to take a “chance on a dance” with the least expensive business opportunity in America. Your Country and the World Needs You With us, you get what you pay for. Which isnt much. We give you the tools to get started and the knowledge to make happen. And well be there for you every step of the way. With better marketing materials, better counter displays and professional marketing plans to help you expand your business to include churchs, fraternal organizations and corporate sponsorships. Big money! Our business isnt for everybody. Bottom line: If you can think like a professional but act like a soccer mom or dad, youll make great money as a community fund raiser. Why? Because your clients are exactly like you. Concerned parnets and caring members of the community. All you need is the passion to go fot it!