Volume 1 Issue 3-Dec2009


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Volume 1 Issue 3-Dec2009

  1. 1. Charisma Productions GazetteVolume 1, Issue 3 December 2009Where Has Customer How Corporations Can BenefitService Gone? From Chartering Private Jets Private Jets Added Value to CorporationsCustomer Service No Longer Important More Effective Time Management Leads DirectlyWhat Happened to The Good Old Days?Charisma Productions Network to Increased Productivity Charisma Productions NetworkBack in the day you could go almost anywhere andyou would find a friendly face to help you find Chartering a private jet allows corporations towhat you needed, they would give you minimize the time executives and key employees spendrecommendations and suggestions and always had traveling, thus maximizing the time they have to devote to business. A year- long study showed that businessthe product information memorized, and if not, travelers using private jets saved an average of 359would find it for you immediately. What hours of nonproductive travel time over those who usedHappened!? Now a days when you go to a service commercial flights to travel to the same destinations.establishment, you either cant find anyone, ortheyre in a small group chit chatting and planning There are approximately 2080 working hours in a year and when you consider 359 of those hours as beingtheir next happy hour. Then when you ask for help unproductive, how much is a company loosing? Notinstead of helpful assistance you get a blank look. only are they loosing monetarily, how productive can executives and key employees be after waiting in longHow many times, when you shopped around for security lines, delayed flights, lost luggage, and manyservice did the representative profess customer of the unknowns that can and do happen onservice, quality care and lets not forget the "Call commercial flights? More effective time managementme anytime if you have a question?" Then you leads directly to increased productivity.finally make a choice of a vendor / supplier, sign a When you are flying more efficiently, the on-boardcontract and all of a sudden the calls, the service environment is much more conducive to working en-and the care disappear. route which will, no doubt, cut down on the continued on page 2 nonproductive working hours. Freed from the need to depend on commercial flight schedules, executives and key personnel using private charter flights may be ableINSIDE THIS ISSUE to attend two or three meetings in person on the same day, further expanding the presence and personal reach1 Where Has Customer Service Gone? of key corporate representatives.1 How Corporations Can Benefit from Air Charter When it is vital to the interest of the corporation that they attend a meeting to deal with a crisis or sensitive4 Thank you for your Support matter chartering a private jet assures that the executives and key employees can prepare in a stress free confidential environment. They can hold private meetings to discuss strategy or sensitive issues in depth so that they are better prepared to deal with any situation they will face at their destination. They are also more likely to arrive in a relaxed and poised frame of mind. continued on page 3 Newsletter 1
  2. 2. continued from page 1Customer ServiceHave you experienced this recently? all too often, Some hotels tell you that it is mandatory to useI have found the need to question, what happened their in-house audio visual company (whichto customer service?! normally ends up costing you more money than using an outside vendor). Also, you need to readSo many times when meeting planners / the VERY FINE print on those venue contracts.coordinators choose venues and Audio Visual Thats where they sometimes put down roomProduction companies, they are romanced and space and not actual room names, whichoffered the sun, the moon, and the stars, but after sometimes ends up with you not having use of thethe contract is signed, its a whole different rooms that you were promised, and also restrictpicture. Audio Visual companies tell you they you from a reasonable time to set up you specialhave the "Top of the line" equipment and when it event. Even minor changes can turn into majorarrives, its outdated equipment and sometimes problems and major expense, when in reality, itdoes not even work correctly. What happened to should not have happened in the first place.those meetings? How does that make the planner /coordinator look, when the sound is not working As a corporate planner, when the events are notor the screens are wrinkled and sometimes not 100% of what you had anticipated you look bad inmatching because the projectors are not the same front of your client or boss. Your reputation is inbrand, or one has more lamp hours burned on it. jeopardy of being attacked because you are the one who will have to explain the WHY? thingsHere is a perfect example, one of our recent new- did not run as smoothly as you had promised yourhires had this to say during their interview client or boss, and you also end up explaining all"Recently I worked with an Audio Visual those extra charges that were not on the contract.company that told me to just make sure I got theclient to sign the contract, then we could add all When you talk about planning a meetings,the extra labor and extra fees afterwards," conference, product launch, or corporate tours youBasically he told me to reel them in, then we should always get at least 3 bids, from productioncould stick it to them". I was horrified that or audio visual companies, and see what each hascompanies would actually contemplate doing that to offer. Then before making your final decision,to a valued client. Having worked in the Customer ask for references, check their websites, and lookService industry all my life and knowing that if for testimonials. Referrals from other meetingyou treat a client with respect and follow your planners are also very helpful. If the company youword and promise of service, you will probably are considering is not willing to provide you withhave that client for many years. I found it this information, you should be very cautious.appalling and walked out the door. This was Planners need to be savvy in whos who in theagainst my belief of service and I realized that the meeting industry. Not all who profess to have theowner ran his business in what was in my opinion quality care and service actually bring it to fullnothing short of deceptive, which I wanted no part term.of. This situation is not the rule but seems to be the E-mail me your opinions at info@cpnevents.comnorm in todays world. Its sad to think that as ameeting planner, youre thinking of what a Share Your Comments On Our Blogprofessional event youre going to present andthen you cannot even get your service providerson the phone when situations begin to pop up andchanges need to be made. This is when panicbegins to take effect. It seems everyone is doing it,hotels, meeting facilities, AV companies evenproduction companies. Newsletter 2
  3. 3. continued from page 1Air Charter A crucial trait of any successful business is excellentcommunication. When famed investor andbusinessman Warren Buffett purchased his first jetover 20 yrs. ago for Bershire Hathaway, it wasconsidered a luxury. But after years of use and seeingthe impact it had on his business, he ultimately labeledthe plane with the moniker, “The Indispensable.”Andrea Montgomery, VP of Operations forMontgomery Aviation in Zionville, relayed the storyrecently when asked about the business of flying.Montgomery explains that general aviation airportsand fixed based operators have grown to becomeessential tools to help businesspeople travel moreefficiently. A 2009 study by the Alliance for Aviation AcrossAmerica concluded that general aviation-notcommercial-accounts for1.2 million jobs in the UnitedStates and $150 billion in economic impact annually.It is also determined that 85% of businesses that usegeneral aviation are small to mid-sized companies.MYTH – General aviation is predominantly used by bigcompanies and corporate CEOs.REALITY – Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact,eighty-five percent of the companies and organizations thatrely on general aviation aircraft are small-to-mid sizedbusinesses which serve as a lifeline to small and ruralcommunities across the country. General aviation servesmedical personnel, construction companies,telecommunication providers, manufacturers, farmers andranchers, and food suppliers and emergency and naturaldisaster responders. These aircraft operate in over 5,000 .airports across the country that serves communities that themajor airlines mostly ignore. [15] For Further Information Please Contact Our Flight Specialist:AS QUOTED BY ALLIANCE FOR AVIATION ACROSSAMERICAN. Charisma Productions NetworkThink about what you have just read, in these John Harmon: 805-241-0566economic times why are small to mid-size companiesutilizing private jets for business travel and aresuccessful? They recognize the importance of theirexecutives and key employee’s time management.They understand waiting for their next flight out couldbe a deal breaker. Newsletter 3
  4. 4. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORTWe wish to thank our readers and our clients for theirsupport and feedback helping to continually grow theCharisma Productions Network. We look forward to anothersuccessful year in 2010 as we continue to grow and provideyou with successful stress-free events.We appreciate hearing from all of you and strive to improveour articles and hope to have something for everyone at onepoint or another. Please send us suggestions for topics youwould like to read about or if you have an article that youwould like to share we’ll be happy to post it.In our last issue we published an article about facilities andtheir mandatory in-house AV usage. These are just a few ofthe comments we received back : Happy Holidays to AllExcellent post,You touched on one of my hot buttons. I am continually amazed atthe number of planners who do not realize that they do not have touse in-house AV and that they can actually get a better deal on theoutside. Susan W. And A Very ProsperousWell said,Dont forget that many properties add insult to injury by tacking on a18-23% "service charge" on TOP of the mandatory AV charges.Sometimes they dont event tell you about the extra charges in thebid, but they turn up on the bill. Colin G.Excellent comment! Its this sort of thing that hugely contributes tocompanies deciding not to exhibit. Killing the golden goose... New Year Newsletter 4