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Chapter 5 Visual Model - Charis Bacolod


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Published in: Business, Education
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Chapter 5 Visual Model - Charis Bacolod

  1. 1. Creating CustomerValue, Satisfaction and Loyalty Chapter 5 Charis Bacolod Marketing Management September 07, 2012
  2. 2. Cost of TimeProductbenefit Cost of EffortServicebenefit PsychologicalImage costbenefit
  3. 3. Steps in Customer Value Analysis Rate Identify Company’s and competitor’s performance Attributes VS BenefitsAttributes Benefits Customer Values Rated importance
  4. 4. Delivering High Customer Value High Customer ValueValue Proposition Value Delivery
  5. 5. Total Customer Satisfaction Total CustomerProduct or Service Satisfaction Performance
  6. 6. Ways To Monitor SatisfactionPeriodic Surveys Mystery Shopper Customer rate loss of competitors
  7. 7. Quality Impact Company Profitability vs Product QualityCompany Profitability Product QualityThere is a correlation between relative product and company profitability
  8. 8. Customer Lifetime Value
  9. 9. Customer Relationship Management Carefully managing detailed information about individual customers will maximize loyalty.
  10. 10. Customers Attracting Retaining Cheaper CostlyGenerate leads Develop Ads Deepen Loyalty Manage customer database Media Retention Dynamics
  11. 11. Customer DatabaseComprehensive info on individualcustomers