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W+K Luan Dun Nov 2012


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W+K Luan Dun Nov 2012

  1. 1. NOHIBERNATION HEREAlthough our front cover – a Polar bear ready to go into hibernation – reminds us of the world slowing downtowards year end, China never ceases to stay chaotic, keeping our Luan Dun pot boiling.This issue you will find stories from high school students and their take on the new English textbooks, Western menand their experiences marrying Chinese wives, and new internet terms that have been making the waves on China’stwittersphere - Weibo.October and November were also “domestic movie protection months”, where foreign films’ screening dates arepushed back so that domestic films can grow their box office. We’re curious to see what China has to offer duringthese months, along with the newest in music as well as TV programs.
  2. 2. 亂 炖HAN MEIMEI NOV 2012IS GETTINGMARRIED Han Meimei is a character from a highschool English textbook used in Chinese primary schools since the early 90s. In the previous edition, Han Meimei is a student who befriended a boy named Li Lei. The new edition shows Han Meimei getting married, but sadly not to Li Lei. This character has a nostalgic place in the Li Lei on the other hand has grown up minds of many Chinese youth born in the to be a teacher wearing glasses, marital 80’s, reminding them of what school life used status unknown. to be like. The education bureau recently announced Nostalgic post-80s complained about the that Han Meimei is going to reappear in the new roles of these characters, new edition of the textbook as an adult, becoming one of the hottest topic on exciting but also disappointing many. Sina Weibo (Chinese Twitter) in this month.CHINA SNAPSHOT 4
  3. 3. 亂 炖 NOV 2012 Image from SYSTEM MALFUNCTION On a normal day in the hustling and bustling subway station in Beijing, passengers found themselves looking at the TV screen with 4 big characters “WANG PENG, F*** YOUR SISTER”. The screens were meant to display time of next arrival of the trains. The metro authorities apologized to the public via its weibo account, saying it was a mistake made by one of its employees. This employee was sitting next to his colleague whose name is Wang Peng during a training program when he decided to play a prank on him by typing “Wang Peng, f**k your sister” into the system they were testing. He didn’t realize these characters would appear in every single screens in every subway stations across Beijing, creating much confusion amongst passengers.CHINA SNAPSHOT 5
  4. 4. 亂 炖 NOV 2012 ROMANCE Office romance has never been deemed as healthy, in fact most workplaces prohibit such idea or behavior. But one company decided that it is, in fact, a good choice.IN THE SKY Hainan Airlines recently launched a “Lovers Above the Sky” campus recruitment program, recommending student couples to apply for the job and work for the company together. The airline believes couples working side by side could relieve the monotony in the working lives of airline crew. Image from feiyoo.comCHINA SNAPSHOT 6
  5. 5. 亂 炖 NOV 2012 STATUS MEANS CORRUPTION-FREE Image from Shanghai hosted its first International Debutante Ball early this year. Invitation to the high-society event is becoming the new status symbol in the city. In the Shanghai Waldorf Astoria’s colonial-style ballroom, 13 ladies making their debut into high society, donning traditional white gowns and dripping with RMB 60 million (US$9.5 million) worth of jewelry and tiaras. 13 debutantes were aged between 16-25 coming from Great Britain, Australia, Hong Kong and Taiwan, unfortunately there was none from mainland China. To qualify as a debutante, they must have a “good family background.” Good family background in today’s China means a family without any scandals, such as corruption. But this is no sweat to the eligible daughters of the Communist Party elite or “red princesses”, as they have already been waltzeing at Le Bal des Débutantes, the annual Debutante Ball in Paris, for the past decade.CHINA SNAPSHOT 7
  6. 6. 亂 炖 NOV 2012 HAIRY CRABS GO DIGITAL September and October are the best months In order to rise from the competition, one for the gourmet local delicacies: the hairy small local restaurant decided to go digital, crabs. These crabs only are only bred in by creating an app called “Eat Crabs for Free” Yangcheng Lake, near Suzhou. that allows customers to make reservations for crabs and seats at lower prices, and win Hairy Crabs have become a premium chances to eat crabs for free. Interesting to delicacy, since they can only be enjoyed see local restaurants thinking innovatively, once a year for it’s roe. Because of high since many of the hairy crab restaurants only demand, many restaurants struggle from high open once a year by local farmers. competition and often sell fake hairy crabs (bred in other lakes) to attract customers. Image from appchina.comCHINA SNAPSHOT 8
  7. 7. 亂 炖 NOV 2012 TRADITIONAL CHINESE CHARACTERS PLANTS VS ZOMBIES OPPA GANGNAM STYLE CREATIVITY Images from UNLEASHED High school sports days in China are known However, recent photos have been shared to be uneventful, especially when classes online showcasing creativity during these make their way around the track during dull moments. Students, inspired by recent opening ceremonies (much like the Parade of pop trends, began dressing up and parading the Nations during the Olympics.) through the tracks in costumes, becoming a contest in itself to see which class is the most ‘creative’. Entertaining and harmless, teachers seem to enjoy the show as much as the students.CHINA SNAPSHOT 9
  8. 8. 亂 炖 BEWARE NOV 2012 OF CONSEQUENCES An online Weibo post titled “Foreigner complained - the consequences of getting a Chinese wife” received more than 3 million comments in one day. The writer who posted the post interviewed several foreigners who married Chinese and described their complaints humorously— if you marry a Chinese wife, you are married to her entire family; no privacy at home; Chinese eat all living creatures, you know the rest. Here are some of the more memorable quotes: “I like all the food they cook, as long as I’m not told what it is”, “my in-laws follow me everywhere in the house to turn off the lights I left on”, “carpet, remote and piano are all covered in plastic” Image from chinalovematch.netCHINA SNAPSHOT 10
  9. 9. 亂 炖 NOV 2012 The term “Jie Cao” means moral and principle. In normal conversations, the term is used to describe people with or without dignity. 無節操 [wu jie cao] means no dignity, or 節操掉了一地 [jie cao diao le yi di], means your dignity have fallen over the floor. These terms are used to describe people who compromise their dignity or forgo their morals to pursue their desire, whether it makes sense or not. It has recently become a popular term online used by netizens to ridicule people who behave oddly, for example the man in the picture. Image from JIE CAO 節操CATCH PHRASE OF THE MONTH 12
  10. 10. 亂 炖 NOV 2012 ... Yuan Fang is an escort to Detective Di in the TV series called Detective Di Renjie. In each episode, Detective Di has a habit of turning to Yuan fang for his opinion before continuing to YUAN FANG, solve the case. He will ask, “Yuan Fang, what do you WHAT DO YOU THINK? think?” but Yuan Fang does not respond. The phrase has now become an online catch phrase to ask people of their opinions on the the latest ... news or events. For example: “Mo Yan just won the Nobel Prize and the government wants to reward ... him with a villa. Yuan Fang, what do you think?” YUAN FANG, YUAN FANG, WHAT WHAT DO YOU THINK? DO YOU THINK? YUAN FANG, WHAT DO YOU THINK? 元芳, ... ... 你怎麼看? YUAN FANG, YUAN FANG, WHAT DO YOU THINK? WHAT DO YOU THINK? Image from STOP ASKING ME THE SAME QUESTION EVERY TIME! YUAN FANG,CATCH PHRASE OF THE MONTH WHAT DO YOU THINK? 13
  11. 11. 亂 MOVIE 炖 NOV 2012 白鹿原 WHITE DEER PLAIN White Deer Plain is a 2011 Chinese drama film directed by Wang Quan An and based on the novel of the same name. The film competed in competition for the Golden Bear at the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival, where Lutz Reitemeier won the Silver Bear for Outstanding Artistic Achievement for his photography. White Deer Plain tells the story of the grudges and disputes between three generations of two families in a village called Virtue Village that is localed in the middle of White Deer Plain. The movie stars Zhang Yu Qi as the main actress, who is also the wife of the director Wang Quan An. Images from Baidu.comPOP CHINA 15
  12. 12. 亂 炖 NOV 2012 MOVIE Images from Baidu.com二次曝光 Double Xposure is a psychological thriller directed by Li Yu, and starring famous actress Fan Bing Bing. Double Xposure is the third movie the director and the actress have worked together. Double Xposure follows a beauty consultant named Song Qi (Fan Bingbing) who inadvertently found her boyfriend Liu Dong (Feng Shaofeng) having anDOUBLE XPOSURE affair with her best friend Zhou Xiaoxi (Huo Siyan). Song decides to kill her friend Zhou, and the story continues to unravel from there.POP CHINA 16
  13. 13. 亂 炖 NOV 2012 MOVIE The Slovenly Boy’s Adventure is a classic Chinese famous cartoon series aired on TV since 1985. This year, the team behind the cartoon decided to re-launch it as a movie, exciting many who have grown up watching it. In the movie, a dirty and sloppy drank a strange orange liquid and turned into a rat. He found himself in the kingdom of other rats, and the movie follows him through his adventurous and exciting journey Images from inside underground kingdom of the rats. 邋遢大王奇遇記 THE SLOVENLY BOY’S ADVENTUREPOP CHINA 17
  14. 14. 亂 炖 NOV 2012 TV SERIES Images from 北京青年 Beijing Youth is a soap directed by Zhao Baogang. The soap follows 4 native Beijing-ers, He Dong (Li Chen), He Xi (Ren Chong), He Nan (He Gang), He Bei (Du Chun) with different family BEIJING YOUTH background, and different ambitions overcoming life obstacles.POP CHINA 18
  15. 15. 亂 炖 NOV 2012 MUSIC Artist: Zhang Xuan張懸 Album: Games We Play Genre: Indie Chang’s new album Games We Play provides an insight into Zhang Xuan’s life experiences over the past three years. This alblum is her fourth album, all written, composed and produce by Zhang Xuan herself. She is considered to be one of the leading alternative musicians in the Chinese music industry. Images from Baidu.comPOP CHINA 19
  16. 16. 亂 炖 NOV 2012 MUSIC Artist: Brain Failure 腦濁 Album: (Dare to be) tous les jours Genre: Punk Brain Failure is a punk rock band from Beijing. The band is largely influenced by The Clash and Rancid. Their lyrical subject matter covers politics and personal politics. They have toured with Dropkick Murphys, The Business, and The Unseen from Boston, Massachusetts. The band has also released a split EP with another Boston band, Big D And The Kids Table, in 2007. This new album is Brain Failure’s second album. Images from Baidu.comPOP CHINA 20
  17. 17. 亂 炖 NOV 2012 MUSIC Artist: Wan Fang 万芳 Album: Love, after all. Genre: Pop/Folk Images from Wanfang, also known as Wanfang Lin, is a Taiwanese Mandopop singer. She is renowned for her deep, mellow, and soft voice and best known for being the original theme singer of the Taiwanese movie C’est la Vie, Mon Chen. Wan Fang said this new album is full of love, especially for the song Love, After All, which was written for a father. In addition to love as the main theme, this album also expresses the sentimentality of friendship and family relations.POP CHINA 21
  18. 18. 亂 炖 NOV 2012 MUSIC Artist: Li Quan 李泉 Album: The Genius and The Dust Genre: Pop Li Quan is back, with his new album named The Genius and The Dust. No sentimental words, no high tide rolling phrases, not even an official album launch. He finished writing his album in Zurich. The new album have 12 songs perfect in workmanship. “To be honest to the music,” this is what Li Quan said about his new album. Images from Baidu.comPOP CHINA 22
  19. 19. 亂 炖 NOV 2012 MUSICArtist: Shang Wen Jie 尚雯婕Album: Ode to the Doom.Genre: ElectronicLike her 2011 album, in which won hernumerous awards, Shang composed and wrotethe lyrics for all 15 new songs in the new album.Shang Wen Jie brought subversive electronicrock and vocals into the album, becoming anodd but unique singer in Mainland China.In her latest album, she wrote her own Englishlyrics and added a few French rap (she is aFrench major in college). Images from Baidu.comPOP CHINA 23
  20. 20. 亂 TV SHOW 炖 NOV 2012 中国好声音 THE VOICE OF CHINA This past summer, something hotter than the weather came to Shanghai. That is the Voice of China. The show soon became a cash cow for the organizer as the advertisement prices reached 1.16million RMB (0.18million USD) for 15 seconds. And the show has earned more than 100million RMB (16million USD) up to now in ad income only. The season finale aired on Sunday, September 30, 2012 which took place at Shanghai Stadium in Shanghai. Liang Bo was named the winner. Images from Baidu.comPOP CHINA 24
  21. 21. WRITTEN BYCharinee ChairasmisakKate LuDESIGNED BYRicky Li