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Presentation 1 ted talk

  1. 1. TED TALKEVALUATIONPRESENTATIONWEEK 2Charese R. JamisonPublic Speaking Online
  2. 2. Michio Kaku Background• Theoretical Physicist• Professor• Bestselling Author• Popularized of Science SCI FI or SCI FACT: What it would take for many popular technologies in science fiction from a physicists perspective to become a reality.
  3. 3. How does Dr. Michio Kaku captures the audience attention?• Making it personal:Dr. Michio Kaku is aprofessor as will asTheoretical physicistslecturing about physics.• Making it interesting: A presentation about SCI-FItechnologies on physicistsperspective.• Tell stories• Start strong/End strong
  4. 4. How does Dr. Michio Kaku maintain the audience engagement?• Asking rhetorical questions• Stating a impressive fact:Micro-Chips in a pill, Brain-Computer Interface, InternetIn Contacts, etc.• Engage humor:(about micro chips in pills ) :quote “This gives a newmeaning for expression Intelinside.”
  5. 5. What of the Ted Commandments does Dr. Michio Kaku follow best? • II: What if science fiction technologies can become reality in spite of physics perspective? • III: Dr. Michio Kaku as a Theoretical Physicist being its passion for a curiosity can SCI-FI technologies exists. • IV: Dr. Michio Kaku tells a story throughout SCI FI or SCI FACT Lecture talks about historical, technological, scientifically, and etc. • VIII: Dr. Michio Kaku engage humor countless time in his lecture even laughing himself.
  6. 6. Michio Kaku in terms of dynamism: 1 (Lowest) to 5 (Highest)5 (Highest) by using some of The 25 Public Speakers Essential SkillsEvery Speaker Must Have:• Research a topic• Focus• Be relaxed• Research your topic• Organize ideas logically• Tell a story• Start strong and close strong• Vary vocal pace, tone, and volume• Interact with your audience
  7. 7. 3 out of 10 Tips from Garr Reynolds• Tip #1: Keep it simple; Dr. Michio Kaku uses slides that are horizontal.• Tip #2: Limit bullet points and text; Yes, it does benefits the audience to receive information visual but same time limiting it can gives back the focus onto presenter.• Tip #8: Choose your fronts well; The speaker use same front throughout his entire slide presentation.
  8. 8. 2 Out of 5 Tips from Nancy Duarte Tip #5:Cultivate healthyTip #1: Treat your audience as king relationships with your slides and your audienceThe speaker focus all attention Dr. Michio Kaku limit bullets andonto his audience. text onto his slides for audience.
  9. 9. Learned from PresenterStart strong/close strong Make it personalIncorporate humor Make it interesting Interact with the audience
  10. 10. Both speakers Made their presentation personal. Compare Focus their attention onto the audience. Sir Ken Robinson Tells a story. “Schools Kill Creativity” Engage humor. Dr. Michio Kaku“Sci Fi and Science Fiction” Research their topic. Made their presentation interesting. Interact with their audience. State impressive fact about their topic. Uses quotations, facts, and statistics. Use the same front throughout entire of their presentation.
  11. 11. Contrast Sir Ken Robinson Dr. Michio Kaku “Changing Education Paradigms” “Sci Fi and Science Fiction”Complement words with visual aids Use body languageVideo audio Use eye connectUse warm color, Orange Focus all attention onto theSpread ideas about education audience Use bullet points and texts
  12. 12. Tips For My Classmates Tell a story • Engage humor • Make it personal• Make it interesting • Interact with the audience And Have Fun!!!!
  13. 13. Thank youCharese R. JamisonComputer AnimationFull Sail University
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