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Circus Show


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Slideshow designed to be viewed by people about to enter the circus. Shows the real lives of circus elephants.

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Circus Show

  1. 4. Please don’t look away.
  2. 5. See for yourself.
  3. 6. We want you to have a chance to know the truth. Then you can decide.
  4. 7. Is it worth it?
  5. 8. To entertain you for a few minutes… These animals suffer their entire lives.
  6. 9. They are chained…
  7. 10. They are beaten…
  8. 11. They are mistreated…
  9. 12. Punished, isolated, intimidated, and worse.
  10. 13. This is how circus elephants are trained:
  11. 14. Taken from their mothers, baby elephants are “broken” and forced into submission.
  12. 15. Chains, ropes, and block-and-tackle are used as restraints.
  13. 16. They scream and cry in fear and pain.
  14. 17. They struggle as they are gouged with bullhooks and shocked with electric prods.
  15. 18. These are brutal training methods… This is the STANDARD.
  16. 19. Electric shock is applied to this baby’s head. This is NOT a reward system, as the trainers claim.
  17. 20. This is cruel.
  18. 21. This is unnecessary.
  19. 22. YOUR money. This is done for money.
  20. 24. Animals don't want to perform silly tricks.
  21. 25. Sadly, they have no choice.
  22. 26. These tricks are confusing…
  23. 27. … and physically uncomfortable to the animals.
  24. 28. These tricks are not natural behavior.
  25. 29. Elephants are “trained” with bullhooks The bullhook is a tool used to punish and control elephants.
  26. 30. Both ends inflict damage . The trainer uses the hook to apply pressure to sensitive spots on the elephant’s body. Bullhooks – tools of the trade for “trainers” Holding the hooked end, the handle is swung like a baseball bat and induces substantial pain when the elephant is struck on areas where there is little tissue between skin and bone.
  27. 31. Despite its thickness, an elephant's skin is extremely sensitive to touch, heat and sun. An elephant can actually feel a fly land on it.
  28. 34. Children do not learn about these majestic creatures by watching them at the circus. How can you teach them?
  29. 35. Read to them
  30. 36. Watch a nature video with them
  31. 37. Travel together!
  32. 38. See these animals in their natural habitat
  33. 39. Like this.
  34. 40. Not this.
  35. 41. Like this.
  36. 42. Not this.
  37. 43. Teach Compassion.
  38. 44. Cirque du Soleil Flying High Circus New Shanghai Circus Russian American Kids Circus Swamp Circus Theatre And many others! Please support animal-free circuses, such as: (go to Circuses .com for a more complete list)
  39. 45. Thank you for your attention.