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Team case ppt

  1. 1. To Fire or Not to Fire Kelsey Anderson Kim Murphy Charlene Parsons
  2. 2. Problems Found• How to legally fire an employee• Will the reason for firing the employee be accepted• Will there need to be compensation
  3. 3. The Facts• The employee’s view: – They believe there is nothing wrong with the work they are doing• Co-worker’s view: – Noticing that this employee isn’t doing their work and they are having to do it for them, have reported the issue to the employer• Employer’s view: – Has heard complaints but has not seen this issue themselves as the employee is doing their work when the employer is around
  4. 4. The Facts• Things to consider when firing an employee – Employment contract: • Was there a guaranteed time of employment • Job security promises • Any conditions that may limit firing to specified causes – Reasonable notice depends on: • The employee’s position • Work performed • Ability to find other work • The length of service • Age • Security provisions in contract • Whether they were persuaded from another job
  5. 5. The Facts• Things to consider… con’t – Just cause • Employee has been given a warning and opportunity to improve • Warnings must be clear and concise, given verbally and in writing • The employee has to be given a chance to explain themselves – Safe exit interview • Have two people present, one taking notes while the other speaks • State why the employee is being fired and a reminder of the warning given
  6. 6. The Facts• Things to consider… con’t – A final chekclist • Consult with legal advisor • Ensure all procedures were followed; employee was given adequate warnings about their job performance and will be let go if there is no improvement • Circumstances surrounding the termination is not discussed with anyone other than the employee
  7. 7. Problem Definition• The employee does not complete tasks assigned to them unless they are with the employer• Co-workers are complaining about having to pick up the slack due to the employee not completing their work duties• The employer is forced with the decision to fire the employee or to find a way to help the employee improve their job performance
  8. 8. Ideas• A warning – Give the employee a written and verbal warning informing them that they are not performing at company standards and if there is no improvements seen in two weeks they will be let go• Re training with a checklist – Train the employee for a second time to remind them of the tasks they are required to complete every shift they work, the employee will then be given a list of tasks to complete and the supervisor will sign off on each task completed fully and properly
  9. 9. Ideas Con’t• Fire them – Just let the employee go because they are unable to do their job after a month of training and months of work• Start with a warning, then re training, then fire them – If the employee does not show improvement after a warning, put them into re training with the checklist, and neither of these work the employee will be fired• Continue to let it slide – Continue to let the employee work the way they are
  10. 10. The Selection• Warning, re training, fired – Using this method will allow the employee to be warned and reminded of the tasks they are required to do – The employee will be given plenty of opportunity to improve – If the employee is still unable to improve they will be let go
  11. 11. Acceptance/Action• This option minimizes legal issues• The employee is given opportunity to improve and keep their job• This plan may allow the employee to improve and keep their job• This plan may also result in the employee losing their job if they don’t improve• The employee could end up being resentful of their employer, they may feel zeroed out