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Script final

  1. 1. Charlotte Chamberlain Script – Film Opening; Thriller Close up of blurry Christmas lights on a Christmas tree. Voiceover comes in and starts here as well as Christmas music – ‘have yourself a merry little Christmas’ CHARACTER: “When I was a teenager, I used to dream of being happily married, having 3 kids, a dog, living in a happy home. It’s funny you know how things --- change. And can change so quickly because of one person.” Whilst saying this camera swifts over to the window sill and there is a wine bottle and a glass of red wine. A woman picks up the glass clearly being able to see the wedding ring. Camera pans over to candles and the flame transforms into a memory. Burning, screaming, and crying. A woman can see a photograph on the windowsill . She picks one of herself, a man and a teenage girl smiling. CHARACTER: “And when you spend so much time with that person, they can worm themselves into your mind. They twist your thoughts, they manipulate you.” When she says this the character stands next to the fireplace where there is more photographs with the photo frame in her hand. She puts her hand over the teenage girl to show just her and the man. Can clearly see the wedding finger as she says: CHARACTER: “They influence you, to do bad things, which may become some of the worst decisions you could ever make, that can haunt you for the rest of your life.” When she says all of this and puts her hand over the girl on the photo we can see a tear fall onto the photograph. She stands up and puts the photo frame on the windowsill; she grabs her glass of wine and sips it as she walks up the stairs.
  2. 2. Charlotte Chamberlain She goes into the bathroom and switches the taps on in the bath; there is also a close up of water going down the plug. Whilst saying: CHARACTER: “But you still can’t seem to hate the person, because you feel a sense of guilt for what you have done, even though, it may not be your fault.” She goes to the mirror and stares at herself. CHARACTER: “Is it really possible for someone to be so controlling and twisting, they still have the power to control your thoughts?” She goes to the bath and looks into it whilst her reflection turns into a memory where the teenage girl is in the bath. Whilst this is happening the voice over says: CHARACTER: “So with that being said, if they can control your thoughts whilst dead, then think how much control they have when their alive. Do I still blame myself? Because if he was controlling my mind, then that’s his thoughts, and his actions. Not mine?” The bath is a montage, so it goes back from the girl in the bath to the women in the bathroom, she hits her head on the wall… crying and sits on the floor. We then see an underwater camera from the girl’s point of view, but can only see the arm which is holding her down. Whilst the voiceover is saying: CHARACTER: “So answer me this… is standing by and letting it happen, worse than committing the act itself? Did, I kill her?”