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Prelim hostage script


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Prelim hostage script

  1. 1. Hostage By Charlotte Chamberlain
  2. 2. Nightime: See a car with blurred lights driving down a road. We then see CHARACTER 1 turn off the engine and then step out of the car. CHARACTER 1 steps through a gate, and inside a house. The camera then cuts too CHARACTER 2 sat in a chair with a bag over their head. CHARACTER 1 walks into the room and chucks down some money on the table. CHARACTER #1: “you must think I’m stupid, and to think, after everything I’ve done for you” CHARACTER 1 then walks around and removes the bag from CHARACTER 2 to reveal a woman. CHARACTER #1: “I’m ashamed to call you my sister.” This is a wide shot where we can see both of the characters. As CHARACTER #1 says this she grabs the hostage’s hair. CHARACTER #2: “I HATE YOU.” CHARACTER #1: “Oh, you hate me huh? You think this is me at my worst?” CHARACTER #2: “At least I brought something to the table” CHARACTER #1: “What do you mean you’ve brought something to the table? You’re missing 40 grand!” As she says this she chucks the money over CHARACTER #2. CHARACTER #2: “I am sick of doing your dirty work.” “Look at me, LOOK AT ME, you don’t do this to your own blood.” When the character says this there is a point of view shot, it will make the audience feel like they are in the film and be able to connect more. CHARACTER #1: “Look, you’re nothing without me.” CHARACTER #2:
  3. 3. “I’m nothing with you? I can finally be myself without you.” CHARACTER #1: “Well if that’s how you feel, I haven’t got time for this.” CHARACTER #1 stands up and walks around towards CHARACTER #2, to put the bag back over her head. CHARACTER #2: “Wait.” CHARACTER #1: “You finally come to your senses?” CHARACTER #2: “Yeah, I have.” As she says this CHARACTER #2 spits in CHARACTER #1’s face. CHARACTER #1: “Well if I can’t have your life neither can you, just remember, nobody comes here...” Before putting the bag back on her head, while she is talking to her she grabs her face aggressively. CHARACTER #1 then puts the bag on her head, and then walks towards the door.