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Photograph in the lounge production


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Photograph in the lounge production

  1. 1. After considering what sort of costumes and make up I wanted the characters to have, I decided to have the daughter in bright clothing for the photograph for her hair to be down as well. I decided I wanted the dad to be in normal casual clothing instead of the planned suit costume with the briefcase. This is because I wanted the photo to be in front of the Christmas tree so that the audience realise that it would have been a bit after this image was taken when the crime happened. I started thinking about the make up what I wanted my female characters were going to be wearing, as I said in the costumes and appearances post I want the girl to look like a natural average teenager, and for the mother to be ‘mummy’ looking wearing a jumper and for her hair to be done and the same with the makeup. I allowed my mother to do my characters make up as my mum used to be a professional makeup artist. We used make up such as eye shadows and bronzers to make this effect come to life. With the
  2. 2. camera and the lighting in the living room when I took the photo it did not show up as well in the picture apart from the pictures with the flash. Leading on from doing the make up for the photograph in the living room I decided to take the photo in front of the Christmas tree in the lounge. This brings the lighting from the tree forward and gives the image a nice tone. I have decided to use the second photograph that I took with the flash on. This fits more with the genre that I want my film to be and also the storyline as you can see the bruise clearer on the characters /the daughters face. Although this picture makes them look a happy family, the daughter also has a sense of being uncomfortable which shows when she is leaning more towards her mother than her father.