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Filming photo analysis


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Filming photo analysis

  1. 1. Before I started filming I had to put the Christmas tree back up and start looking at ways I was going to turn my lounge into an eerie environment. I lit candles and turned the lights off in the lounge, I also decided to keep the Christmas tree lights off so create a deadly and miserable setting. I placed the image on the window sill even though when I started filming I did change my story board and shot list around quite a lot. I done this as I felt it would look more effective the way that I have filmed it now. I changed my shot list and story board by many ways, I decided for the subject to walk out of the living room and too throw the Christmas tree over in anger. I hope this will look effective when I put my video together in Premier Pro, I am thinking so slow this down and put it into slow mo, but im not too sure about this idea. I am not completely certain on how I want to edit it together and what effects to put on it as of yet. I filmed this part of the film open