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Question 4 finished


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Question 4 finished

  2. 2.  The target audience to a typical thriller is usually 16+ or 18+ this is because they can include a lot of violence and also some physiological thrillers that could be disturbing for many younger viewers. I have decided to have my target audience ranging from ages 16-40 as although it is a big age gap, the storyline could relate to many viewers and I think this age range would enjoy the film that I would produce. Also the fact that my characters are part of that target audience may be a reason why the audience enjoy the film more and are able to relate to it. TARGET AUDIENCE FOR THRILLER FILMS
  3. 3. FEMALE – YOUNGER TARGET AUDIENCE I placed my avatar in a white top and jeans as this is just a simple fashion and what I would consider an ‘average’ member of my target audience. After researching into the target audiences of thriller I started to take into consideration my personal target audience for my own psychological thriller, I believe that I would have a big age range from 16-40. My audience would be stereotypically an ‘average’ person. The majority of my target audience I believe would dress like this. Clothing that an ‘average’ person would wear. I believe that this age audience would be interested in watching programmes on TV, such as Waterloo Road, and Crime Dramas. After creating my avatar I decided too take some images of my real target audience. Music that the younger females would typically listen to would be Beyoncé and popular artists like that. Female artists that are considered idols.
  4. 4. MALE – YOUNGER TARGET AUDIENCE I placed this avatar in plain clothing as well as it reflects the simple fashion of an average person. Younger generation would typically watch films that involve horror and thriller, such as The Ring, Inception, and many more. Further more I created another avatar using, I created a Male avatar that would represent my target audience in their teenage years. I then decided to carry on to take images of a human form person from my target audience The younger generation would most probably be in School/Colleg e/University. Listen to mainstream music that is in the charts, also watch programmes such as Eastenders and channels like BBC. May have hobbies such as football, cricket, rugby. Or just socialising with friends outside of education/job.
  5. 5. FEMALE – OLDER TARGET AUDIENCE I then went on to create an avatar that would represent a older subject from my target audience. Around the age of 30-40. The older generation would typically watch East enders and coronation street etc on TV. I decided to dress her in well respectable clothing, and clothing that may be from a high street shop such as M&S. Which would be typically where my older target audience may shop. Aged 30-40, typically would listen to artists such as Michael Buble which is a main reason why I decided to use some of his music in my film opening. Enjoys watching Rom- Coms and thrillers. Enjoys having the sense of thrill that they can only get from thriller/horror films.
  6. 6. MALE – OLDER TARGET AUDIENCE The plain bland clothes suggests that he doesn’t spend as much time on himself as he has a family. May enjoy listening to bands such as Oasis, U2, Red hot chili peppers. May enjoy hobbies such as golf, darts, football. Working in a stable job supporting family around them such as children and wife. Furthermore I created an avatar and also captured a photo of an average member that I would class as my older target audience.