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Push button marketing


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Get better results -for less money-with your marketing and advertising. Learn how one simple fix can often double the number of sales you make from a single ad. 4 ways to boost your marketing results without costing more money.

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Push button marketing

  1. 1. Push-Button Marketing Get easier, faster results -for less money-than any other marketing strategy you’ve ever tried
  2. 2. What if there was an easier way to bring in customers? Facebook – most users do not leave the house without first checking their Facebook page Mobile Marketing – our phones with us everywhere we go Build a database of interested prospects – who have asked to receive your offers Do it cheaper, faster and easier
  3. 3. What was the Most Successful Ad in History? It made more sales than any ad ever run It ran for 50 years (from the 1920s to well into the 1970s) Its results could be measured It wasn’t a “pretty” ad, but it worked
  4. 4. This is the most profitable, most successful, ad of all time People were asked to clip out the coupon to send in for free information They identified themselves as interested in playing the piano The company built a list of people who were interested and asked to receive information They could market to this list again and again for the price of just the first ad
  5. 5. But, let’s face it… You aren’t going to get today’s buyers to clip out a coupon and mail it to you But there are 4 things you can get them to do…
  6. 6. #1 You can get them to click a “Like” Button on Facebook
  7. 7. #2 You can get them to scan aQR code with their cell phone  QR codes instantly link a cell phone to any web page  Use QR codes to turn any ad, flyer, brochure, menu or sign into an interactive web connection
  8. 8. #3 You can get them to submit theiremail address for free information or special offers
  9. 9. #4 You can get them to send a text message KEYWORD SHORTCODE (CHANGES) (STAYS THE SAME) Text PIZZA to 72727 to Receive FREE Appetizer Next Visit!
  10. 10. Mobile Marketing is the Future By 2014 there will be more SMART phones than Desktop computers Over HALF of ALL local searches are made from SMART phones! 97% + text messages are read within 5 minutes of being sent The average American sends 3 times as many text messages as emails Half of cell phone users have downloaded coupons on their cell phones Mobile coupons are redeemed 20 times more often than paper coupons
  11. 11. How to get started Insert a QR code in your print ads, business cards, menus, flyers, signage, etc. Link to your Facebook page or a mobile website Give an incentive to “opt in” by email or text messaging Follow up with more offers, keep in touch on a weekly basis
  12. 12. Get started today!• We will create your QR code(s)• We can build an opt-in page on your website or add an opt-in tab to your Facebook page• We can build mobile web apps and customized business Facebook pages• We can set up and optimize your weekly marketing campaigns• Let us show you how to make your marketing more profitable Charles Brown 817.501.6892 Dr. Kaz 469.223.1976