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Deconstructing the Learning Pyramid

  1. deconstructing the learning p y r a m i d by char booth
  2. what is active learning?
  3. the learning pyramid.
  4. learning d o i n g
  5. j o h n d e w e y .
  6. behaviorism.
  7. c o g n i t i v i s m .
  8. constructivism.
  9. m e m o r y
  10. the learning pyramid.
  11. the learning pyramid. “Thanks for your inquiry of NTL Institute. We are happy to respond to your inquiry about The Learning Yes, we believe it to be accurate - but no, we no longer have - nor can Pyramid. we find - the original research that supports the numbers. We get many inquiries every many, many people have searched for the original research month about this - and and have come up empty handed. -
  12. the learning pyramid.
  13. the engagement continuum.
  14. Passive learning is an oxymoron; there is no such thing. -K. Patricia Cross
  15. i.e., building a continuum of learning for active engagement.
  16. c h a r b o o t h e-learning librarian