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Corporate Social Responsibility towards Global Warming


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This PPT describes What is Global warming? Impacts of Global Warming, Indicators of Global Warming, Countries under threat, Industries causing Global warming, What is Corporate Social Responsibility-CSR? Impacts of CSR, Companies who took initiative towards minimizing Global warming.

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Corporate Social Responsibility towards Global Warming

  1. 1. CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY towards reducing the effect of GLOBAL WARMING BY N.Charan Kumar Mohd.Akbar
  2. 2. GLOBAL WARMING • Increase of Earth's average surface temperature due to: • CO2 • Methane • Chlorofluoro carbons
  3. 3. Global warming impacts Flooding Shortage of water Famine and disease Migration and refugees Collapse of financial system Economic collapse Tipping point Pollution Panic war
  4. 4. Increase in Temperature
  5. 5. Indicator of Global warming
  6. 6. Countries under Threat!!!
  7. 7. Industries => Global warming Industries producing • Chemicals • Power plants • Vehicle emissions • Burning fossil fuels • Petroleum based transportations • Coal mining • Gas from refrigerators • Air conditioners • Manufacturing metals
  8. 8. Temperature Hike
  9. 9. Global Warming- Next 100 years
  10. 10. Corporate Social Responsibility  CSR is a form of corporate self regulation integrated into a business model in 1970.
  11. 11. +ve Impact On Organization, Stake holders, Environment, Living organisms.
  12. 12. “Lets see few Companies which took Initiatives”
  13. 13. Statement from Fukai murata ltd. • Adopted double-bundle turbo refrigerators. • From conventional LPG-powered to high-efficiency electrical equipment and recovery of hot-water discharge (4,600 tons of CO2 emissions p.y.)
  14. 14. Nippon gas electric ltd. • NEG has established an environmental charter regarding its principles for environmental activities. • The charter serves as a source of guidance as NEG strives to reduce the environmental impact of its activities
  15. 15. Initiative by Coca Cola • Coca-Cola System Using Recycled Plastic. • Plant One Million Trees to Stop Beijing Sand Storm. • Coca-Cola Commits To Climate-Friendly Refrigeration through Greenpeace and more…
  16. 16. Hats off- Enterprises • • • • • • • The companies who are following their CSR against global warming-Acc to Forbes. Shell, Exxon mobile, Wallmart, Pfizer, Toyota, Mc donald, Nokia & more…
  17. 17. So let us take an “oath” Thank You…