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independent Film Trust

  1. 1. The Independent Film Trust Haruka Anita Chaquela Guler Kadine
  2. 2. The Independe nt Film trust works with young people who have had criminal history It’s an educational charity based in South London.It contains very talented people who are willing tolearn and to improve their craft.
  3. 3. Research Of The Client Neil McCartneyNeil McCartney is the secretary and chairman of the Independent Film Trust,he is an important role for the company as he is the managing director.He is currently busy being featured on TV programmes and radio stations suchas, BBC TVs News and Newsnight, BBC World Television, BBC News 24, SkyTelevision, CNN and Radio 4s Today and The World at One.During his earlier years he studied at The University of Cambridge, where hegained experience. He also started by co-authorizing the book ‘’Hunt on CableTV: Chaos or Coherence’’, and was published by the Campaign for Press andBroadcasting Freedom. Then he went on to being a freelance journalist inmedia and telecommunications.Neil has produced on a number of short films.
  4. 4. DVD Cover Here we have the title of the film. Story board This is the age restriction of the film (Suitable for all). The is the IFT logo (Independent Film Trust).This is he focus of the film on the back of the DVDcover where it shows where the film was made andwho it was run with.
  5. 5. Poster Here is the film title in the center of the poster. Bold texting so that it stands out.
  6. 6. DVD Cover
  7. 7. Raffle Tickets
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