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SEO meetup Utrecht


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35 minute talk about the changing subject of keyword research

Published in: Marketing
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SEO meetup Utrecht

  1. 1. Roy Huiskes - How to do keyword research? KEYWORDS
  2. 2. Don’t worry. This presentation will be available afterwards.
  3. 3. What is my day job? I’m helping these companies with their digital marketing by optimising their website for users and a little bit for 
 search engines 
 (I’m looking at you AMP)
  4. 4. Popularity Content Technical stuff Three pillars of SEO The fact that these bubbles are the same size isn’t representative anymore (and never was)
  5. 5. Still very effective
  6. 6. In the beginning there was…
  7. 7. Making keywords was a lot of work, but still very easy.
  8. 8. 2013 - Not Provided
  9. 9. Mobile searches for “best” have grown over 80% in the past 2 years. Well… Google Data, U.S., Jan. - June 2015 vs. Jan. - June 2017. Top 500 "best" search terms
  10. 10. Google is getting smarter Autosuggest, Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and Rankbrain
  11. 11. SEO in 2016 - 4 ads - Rich cards - Google Local - Organic results
  12. 12. SEO in 2017, 2018 etc…
  13. 13. 51% of smartphone users have purchased from a company/brand other than the one they intended to because the information provided was useful. and… Google/Ipsos, "Consumers in the Micro-Moment," Wave 3, U.S., n=1291 online smartphone users 18+, August 2015.
  14. 14. Recognising the meaning is hard - Some keywords have several different meanings. - This is not always easy, especially in a small language like Dutch. - So make sure that you check your Umfeld as well. What does Google think of that?
  15. 15. Let alone if there is truly another meaning
  16. 16. In the past two years on YouTube, videos with “review” in the title had more than 50,000 years’ worth of watch time on mobile alone. Don’t forget… YouTube Data, U.S., Classification as review videos were based on public data such as headlines, tags, etc., and may not account for every such video available on YouTube, July 2015 - June 2017
  17. 17. Are you talking to me?
  18. 18. Google Home - Amazon Echo - Xbox One - Xbox Home : There no top 10 anymore, just 1 result. - One Answer: - It’s not only a Google Home, but also, Apple Homepod, Sonos One, Amazon Echo or Xbox One (cortana, all Microsoft devices) - 18.8M amazon echo’s are sold (June 2017) - It’s not suitable for all queries (yet). - Google is better at informational queries, while Amazon is winning the transactional part. 20% of search queries are already voice. 50% is expected in 2020
  19. 19. While voice commands are getting more regular, the length of the query increases as well. People get better at searching, refining and asking natural questions. And so does Google, Amazon and Microsoft. (Apple still sucks…) This will only increase with rise of chatbots and assistants So a lot of changes…
  20. 20. Keyword research is not about tools.
  21. 21. Searcher’s Task Accomplishment.
  22. 22. Why are they searching in the first place?
  23. 23. What triggered them?
  24. 24. In the end tools are handy for 
 data and insights though:
  25. 25. Answer the public • keyword research youtube • keyword research yoast • keyword research yahoo • keyword research tutorial youtube • keyword research for your website • cara research keyword yang benar • cara research keyword youtube • keyword research done for you • youtube keyword research software • youtube keyword research 2015 • yandex keyword research • yoast keyword research tool • yahoo keyword research tool free • keyword research feature can help you • seo keyword research tool youtube • keyword research with google keyword planner • keyword research website • keyword research with semrush • keyword research webinar • keyword research wiki • keyword research wordstream • keyword research with keyword planner • keyword research with ahrefs • keyword research with long tail pro • keyword research wordpress plugin • keyword research warrior forum • keyword research with scrapebox • keyword research worksheet • keyword research wso • keyword research with market samurai • keyword research word cloud • keyword research wordtracker • keyword research and analysis • keyword research and mapping • keyword research and analysis tool • keyword research and selection • keyword research android • keyword research and competitor analysis • keyword research and analysis pdf • keyword research android app • keyword research and optimization • keyword research tool android • what is keyword research and how to • keyword research for organic seo • organic keyword research tool • organising keyword research
  26. 26. What are the questions around the topic ‘keyword research’ - Obviously people want to know ‘HOW’
  27. 27. Zero moment of Truth - Google MBTI Based personas - Myers Briggs Customer Journey - McKinsey But since where working with Google, let’s stick with Google’s last version with the mobile micro moments: Models for your customer journeys / micro moments
  28. 28. What’s the… Intention
  29. 29. Know
  30. 30. Know: what is SEO
  31. 31. Go
  32. 32. Go: locksmith enschede
  33. 33. Do
  34. 34. Do: How to do keyword research
  35. 35. Buy
  36. 36. Well that should teach me, asking stuff in english, localised for the Netherlands…
  37. 37. has a lot of great info about these micro moments.
  38. 38. Winning content means searcher task accomplisment
  39. 39. 1.Brainstorm keywords 2.Categorise 3.Get the data connected (rankings, adwords, conversions, landing pages): insights 4.Map the Customer journey 5.Prioritise the keywords 5 step process
  40. 40. 1. Brainstorm
  41. 41. The world’s worst and most used organizer
  42. 42. • Idea generation (lock yourself, and a co-worker or your mom, up with a lot of post-its) • Customer journey situations • Variations, synonyms and Plurals • Reports, internal (and external) presentations • Google Search Console • Google Adwords Reports (exact match reports) • Google Analytics Internal Search (or any other internal search engine) • Google Auto Suggest • Competitors: title tags, visual content, sitemaps and reverse ranking tools like ahrefs, majestic, searchmetrics or sistrix. Generate a list of keywords
  43. 43. TF*IDF
  44. 44. F*CK THAT
  45. 45. Your Money / Your Life Expertise / Authority / Trust
  46. 46. • Is this the right place? • Why should I do this now? • Can I trust this website? • What can I do right now? • How hard is it going to be (on my mobile?) • What happens when I finish this now? Are we including and using universal keywords that ensure these that these topics are covered? Questions
  47. 47. 2. categorise
  48. 48. Know (informatinal) Go(navigational) Do (informationable) Buy (transactional) What is a cloud solution? Cloud solution benefits, cloud solutions comparison get dropbox Best toothbrush? 7/11 near me how to clean my toothbrush buy cheap toothbrushes Mapping the search terms in a mobile world
  49. 49. 3. Connect data
  50. 50. Keyword tools: - Google Adwords Keyword Planner 
 (Google really doesn’t like that, if you still have any data in there) - Google Search Console (Biased towards current rankings) - (great for content ideas as well) - (fast, cheap and decent interface) - (awesome) - (some people like this better than, it’s more or less similar - (link data and keywords rankings for the long term with Google Search Console) - GetStat, SERPlab, SEMrush, Searchmetrics, Brightedge Datacube, Conductor Searchlight & AWRCloud Internal Searches: (Google Analytics > Behaviour > Site Search > Search Terms) Chatbot and Assistants (markets are conversation remember?) Get the data
  51. 51. My favourite tool of choice:
  52. 52.
  53. 53. SEMrush has some nice tools to generate lists - Be sure to verify the data, it can be off sometimes, use as an indicator.
  54. 54. Majestics ranking option is based upon Google Search Console - It’s actually the only Google Terms of Service compliant rank tracker.
  55. 55. track rankings?
  56. 56. We need those celebrations if a keyword is up!
  57. 57. 4. map journey
  58. 58. Maybe you shouldn’t do this… - At first we’ve tried to write out all the possibilities for a couple of personas with 2 specific product customer journeys. We’ve gather over 150 touch points within half an hour. And this was not even data-driven…
  59. 59. 5. Prioritise
  60. 60. Don’t be greedy
  61. 61. UX and SEO are usually more or less the same. In the past we had several issues with navigation menu’s and dropdown menu’s. Google tries to calculate the outcomes of this these day with certain heuristic techniques. A UX that suits all phases of a customer journey will be the most successful for the user and thus for Google when the query isn’t clear in its objective. That’s why there’s room for value added comparison engines in Google. Somebody who is looking for ‘car insurance comparison’ has bigger chance of getting a quote from a comparison engine than from a direct writer, just because his current, or new favourite company probably is in the list to be compared. Think of this while choosing your keywords. UX and SEO
  62. 62. Google’s popularity metrics also contain a connection between the brand name, the searches with the brand name and products and the ranking for those general keywords. Getting more branded keyword queries in Google (yoast keyword research) will grow the Yoast brand and connect the brand (yoast) to the topic (keyword research) Popularity and keywords (SEMrush rankings factors 2017 talks about ‘direct traffic’).
  63. 63. Popularity
  64. 64.
  65. 65. Or Google Spreadsheets for that matter. Make sure that you are logged in a Google Account and you can make a copy of this sheet.
  66. 66. The end result
  67. 67. BigQuery (or AWS) Python (or R) Data Studio (or tableau…) & API’s (all of them…) Do it even better? Think about:
  68. 68. Make sure that management understands as well: and drop the excel act.
  69. 69. Thanks! Questions?