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The personal touch of

  1. 1. The Personal Touch Of
  2. 2. • Are you looking for a translation website that you can rely on? At, your articles will have that personal touch.
  3. 3. • Unlike machine translators, uses certified translators that will give you the best translation possible. Google Translate and other services can oftentimes have errors and even come out as gibberish.
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  5. 5. • A better translation service will allow for more accurate responses. ZendTranslation offers the highest quality translation by translating their received documents.
  6. 6. • Other translators such as Google simply cannot offer this level of expertise. By allowing a human to translate the document, the files will sound realistic. Tone and grammar are oftentimes lost when a machine translates a file.
  7. 7. • The expert translators at will produce high- quality translations with a personal, human touch. Professional document translation services should be taken seriously by companies. Allowing a machine to translate your document could turn readers away.
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  9. 9. • For those who want a better and human-like translation, ZendTranslation can give you the best results possible. Articles that are poorly translated can be difficult to read. At ZendTranslation,all of the processes are controlled by humans. Be it providing long descriptions or translating a research project, is there for you with a personal touch that machine based translators cannot offer.
  10. 10. • . Even students who need just basic translations for their classes can rely on High quality translation is required by most classes and companies, so let ZendTranslation help you when it comes to your next project. Simply send your information into ZendTranslation and leave the work to the professionals.
  11. 11. • Unlike other website, ZendTranslation has a 72 hour turnaround rate, guaranteeing you a quality product in a short amount of time.
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  13. 13. • With 24/7 email support, you are guaranteed to have a positive experience with If you are tired of dealing with grammatical issues and the gibberish that machine translators produce, turn to ZendTranslation for a quality translation.
  14. 14. • ZendTranslation is a translation service that you can count on. Competitive rates,professional service, and a fast turnaround rate will allow you to have the best service possible.
  15. 15. • has pleased thousands of clients from around the world and continues to produce high-quality service. Professional document translation should always have a human touch, something that ZendTranslation is well aware of. Keeping clients satisfied is what makes ZendTranslation stand out from the rest of the online translating services. No matter what type of translation you want, ZendTranslation will do their part to make your translating experience fast and friendly.
  16. 16. • ZendTranslation serves business and individuals from all around the globe, providing them with the highest quality translation possible. If you want a translation that offers up a personal touch, look no further. ZendTranslation has all of your translation needs in one place.
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