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Continuous improvement & pdca


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Continuous improvement & pdca

  1. 1. Continuous Improvement & PDCA
  2. 2. It is important to realise that the adoption of continuous improvement and associated / subsequent changes form a cultural shift for organisations.
  3. 3. The implementation of a Plan Do Check Act Management system (be it quality, safety or environmental) is not a project with a deadline or an initiative for one area of your business but a holistic approach to business management.
  4. 4. Building a Culture of Excellence in an SME (Small/Medium Enterprises) requires embracing change and focusing on driving improvements in the organisation, be they for profit or not for profit.
  5. 5. Organizations use the PDCA and business excellence framework as a roadmap for their business excellence journey, helping to develop plans, implement the plans, check the system and act to improve the plans; forming the continual improvement cycle.
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