(Stiforp) The New Face Of Network Marketing


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Take a quick look at the new face of network marketing company STIFORP.

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(Stiforp) The New Face Of Network Marketing

  1. 1. ==== ====Take a quick Look at the new face of network marketing company stiforp to get all the informationand reviews at:http://chaplain191.STIFORPTour.com==== ==== Stiforp ;The New Face Of Network MarketingMany of you might have heard of the concept of network marketing.Many of you might have given this concept a try with varyingdegrees of success or failure. Many of you might be excited atthis concept and wanting to give it a try. But, the questionthat remains is whether network marketing can be your businessally in the given present scenario.For those of you who are not aware about the background of networkmarketing, the first thing that you need to realize is that this isa proven concept that has been in force for the past 50 years or so.This great concept has still the force to move and shake in thepresent day 21st century although many changes have happened to theoriginal concept and adaptations have been made due to the advancesin science and techonology.Before going any further, lets take a look at a new network marketingopportunity that everyone is talking about.STIFORPStiforP is the word Profits spelt backwards and it provides the opportunityto generate income from online marketing.StiforP provides a suite of marketing tools and training that can beused to build an existing, or start a new, multi-level marketing (MLM)business with all the emphasis on building an online business.A range of marketing tools are provided, including one that enables youto have a Personalized Video Presentation for your website.This is great for grabbing a prospects attention, making them spendmore time exploring your site website and prompting them on the nextaction to take.Further tools include lead Capture Pages and Auto-responder- this enables automated follow-up emails to be sent anyone who visits your site,encouraging and reminding them to join your business.A Contact Manager is also included in the suite that enables you to track leads
  2. 2. and assess which advertising methods are working and which ones arent.A Conference Facility is also included that enables you to run team meetingsusing call bridges.So you can build your multi-level marketing business and provide the same toolsto your team members so that they can do the same. Also, you can produce anincome by building a team as you get others to sign up to the StiforP opportunityand this has the potential to extend far beyond your team members in your ownprimary MLM business.The range of tools provided appear to be very useful,it will take some time to get to grips with them all and evaluate how good they are.It certainly shows the potential to be a great resource to anyone is wantingbuild their MLM business.So how much does it cost and what do you get?Find out all the information on this game changing opportunity athttp://chaplain191.STIFORPMovie.com