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2012 Disaster Scenarios

Previews and views of the 2012 Super Bowl as we await the unexpected.

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2012 Disaster Scenarios

  1. 1. ==== ====Dynamic blueprint system intriduced to make money online with very little effort. ====There are nine possible cataclysmic events for 2012 that would create disaster conditions of ascale that humanity has never experienced before. Were talking millions, maybe billions of deadworldwide, and a breakdown of society that may take a thousand years to recover from If it everrecovers at all. But if youre properly prepared all these scenarios are survivable. So as everygood soldier knows, we need to get acquainted with the enemy, so we can figure out the best wayto beat him.Here they are in no particular orderUnrestricted Global Nuclear WarThere are a lot of bad guys out there these days with nuclear capability. From a survival point ofview it doesnt matter who starts it or why, because the end result is the same - global cataclysmstraight from hell. So given your family survives the initial atomic blasts and their immediateeffects, there are a couple of other major things to worry about - Radiation and the Nuclear Winter.RadiationAtomic reactions create radio-active particles which spread out from ground zero, and when theyreach high altitude are fanned out by high-level winds. The radio-active particles eventually maketheir way back down to earth as Fall-Out. Fall-Out can cause burns and terminal radiationsickness, kill livestock and contaminate soil and the crops that are grown in it. A massive regionaround the Chernobyl Reactor in Russia is essentially dead ground forever, and that was just anitty-bitty reactor melt-down, not a multi-megaton airburst.Nuclear winterWhen youve got a lot of massive atomic explosions at ground level, an incredible amount of dirtand debris is going to be thrown up into the atmosphere - were talking millions of tons of blackradio-active dust swirling around ten miles high, blocking the sun from reaching the Earthssurface. We might not see the sun again for two or three years, and without it, its going to get realcold and nothings going to grow. Huge areas of the planet will turn into dust-bowls and sandstorms will blast across Europe and North America.However there will be places mostly in the southern Hemisphere and in the North that are farenough from blast zones to escape most of the radiation and fall-out, and are protected from mostof the effects of the nuclear winter. Thats where you want to you and your family want to be tomaximize your chance of staying alive in 2012.
  2. 2. Impact from SpaceThis is the very worst of all worst case scenarios. Whether its the mystery planet Nibiru, a cometor a monster asteroid, having a massive Near Earth Object (NEO) smash into the Earth is all bad.So if youre ready to survive this youre ready for anything! Earth has experienced major NEOstrikes many times before, and the biggest of all 65 million years ago made the dinosaurs extinct,overnight. If a NEO hits land well get a situation like the nuclear winter we talked about above,plus a devastating shock-wave, molten lava showers, earthquakes, landslides and volcaniceruptions.Not even all the atom bombs in the world going off all at once would have a millionth of the powerof a NEO impacting our planet. The NEO Impact winter could last decades and plunge the Earthinto a new ice-age. If a NEO lands in the ocean well get multiple tsunamis many hundreds of feethigh, plus giant earthquakes caused by displacement of tectonic plates that make up the Earthscrust. Low-lying counties will be turned into fetid swamps, ravaged by disease.Were likely to getvery little warning of an asteroid strike - maybe only hours or even minutes because they travel sofast and are almost invisible against the blackness of space.On the other hand we may have several months to prepare for an impact by Nibiru or a comet.Unfortunately they are the least likely objects to hit us. So what will it be like in the aftermath of aNEO impact?Arriving at the speed several thousand miles per hour a giant SEO will have enough power onimpact to fracture the Earths crust and splash molten lava from the core high into the atmosphere.A massive thousand degree shock-wave will also radiate outwards from Ground-Zero completelylevelling trees and buildings for a hundreds of miles in every direction. In an ocean impact,seawater will combine with the lava to cause a super-heated steam blast, plus acid rain. Thisburning rain would continue falling for years, scouring away every living plant and contaminatingall water sources (other than artesian springs in the mountains). To survive a massive NEO strikeyoull need to be far underground, and far from the point of impact to stand any chance at all.However there is still a good chance that the NEO that hits Earth will not be a giant, and thatincreases your chances of survival massively - as long as youre prepared that is. Otherwise, nomatter where you are, its time to kiss your ass goodbye.Solar FlaresThe sun is an enormous atomic reactor in the sky. Every now and then extra intense reactions inthe suns atmosphere occur and solar energy spears out into space. Thats a Solar Flare. SmallSolar Flares are detected by astronomers all the time and usually dont affect us, because ouratmosphere safely absorbs and deflects the extra radiation. But, if 2012 means a giant Solar Flare,the Earths surface and everything on it could be barbequed in minutes by radiation spread acrossthe whole electromagnetic spectrum. Wed have enough warning to get into bunkers, but only ifthey were very close by. How bad it will be for your family also depends whether it occurs in thenight or day - you definitely dont want to be outside at noon when a doomsday flare burstsoverhead.The good news is its relatively easy to build a shelter that will absorb almost all the energy of a
  3. 3. Solar Flare, even a giant one, so surviving the event isnt necessarily the hard part. The realchallenge will be staying alive afterwards in whats left of the world outside your shelter.Super Volcano EruptionMount St Helens or Pinatubo are nothing compared to the dormant super volcano that formsYellowstone National Park. An eruption there would kill millions and render a large portion ofcentral North America uninhabitable. The rest of the world would suffer too from the enormouscloud of volcanic ash thrown up into the atmosphere, creating yet another nuclear winter scenario.However Yellowstone is just one location where super volcanoes are lurking ready to erupt, onland and under the ocean.A monster undersea eruption would be even more deadly, triggering a super tsunami that wouldtravel all around the world, wiping out entire countries as it goes, drowning millions and millions ofpeople within hours. For most people in coastal areas, even low lying places inland, there wouldbe no escape. However those families smart enough or just plain lucky enough to be in non-volcanic areas, on solid ground at over 1000 feet in elevation, will be in better shape - but for howlong?EarthquakeIts not a question of when the big one will happen, but where and when. Major displacements ofmany of the worlds biggest tectonic plates are well overdue - including Californias mighty SanAndreas Fault, which would kill millions in LA and along the West Coast.The very worst place to be in an earthquake is a city, especially in a high-rise building, or in thestreets below. Damage from most earthquakes on land, even massive ones are usually quitelocalised, but if we get one under the sea we get a Tsunami.The Indonesian Tsunami of Christmas 2005 killed over one hundred thousand people - drownedor crushed by falling buildings and tumbling debris, or dying later of disease and starvation. If yousaw the footage of the FBI carpark during the Samoa Tsunami in 2009 youll take Tsunamis veryseriously - and that was only 3 feet high!I guess its pretty obvious where you want to be to avoid a giant Tsunami? Up very high, far awayfrom the sea. The trouble is, with this scenario like most of the others, the disaster itself is not theonly threat - you need to be prepared to deal with other people whove survived, but haventprepared for it like you have. Most of them will be desperate, and will want what youve got.Super Virus or BacteriaThe biggest killers in recorded history have been diseases. The Black Plague of the 14th Centurywas an incurable bacteria spread by fleas living on rats. In some European towns up to 90% of thepopulation was wiped out. Overall in the 100 years of the Black Plague, 30% of the population ofEurope died. And much more recently, within living memory in fact, the Influenza Pandemic of1919 killed tens of millions all over the world.New disease threats are arising all the time. Weve handled Bird Flu and Swine Flu pretty well, but
  4. 4. will 2012 be the year when the next real plague arrives. International air travel virtually guaranteesits almost instant global spread, especially to people living in big, overcrowded cities.And thats the clue to survival in this scenario. Fit, healthy families who live in remote rural areas inclean, warm houses and have absolutely minimal contact with the outside world, should be feelingpretty good about their chances.Polar ReversalPolar Reversal where the magnetic field of the Earth swaps ends is a fact. It happens every400,000 years or so, but what causes it is still unknown. Polar Reversal could be due to theinfluence of an undiscovered Black Hole nearby in space, or a massive sudden upsurge in electro-magnetic activity on the sun.Some 2012 experts believe a Polar Reversal will cause the Earth to start spinning in the oppositedirection - a horrifying scenario resulting in massive electrical storms, tsunamis and earthquakes inevery corner of the earth. Again the smart money is on surviving underground in the mountains.And preferably ancient mountains made of solid rock like the mighty Appalachians.Black Hole in SpaceWe touched on this scenario before, but now well get more specific. A Black Hole is whats leftover when a giant dying star collapses into a very dense ball of Matter - a ball much smaller thanour Moon. This stuff is so dense that a matchbox full of Black Hole Matter would weigh countlessthousands of tons. And the thing is that it still has the massive gravitational pull of the huge starwhose death created it. In fact, its gravity is so strong that it can swallow up anything withinmillions of miles - it even pulls in light (which is why they are called Black Holes, because not evenlight can escape them).A Black Hole suddenly appearing in space, even within several Light-Years of Earth would pull ourentire solar system towards it, throwing the orbit of every planet out of kilter. We could collide withVenus, Mars or the Moon. Or the combined gravitational pull of the Black hole aligned with Jupiterand Saturn could rip us away from warmth of the sun, or send us plunging towards it. Either way,the surface of the Earth would quickly become uninhabitable. The only place to survive would beunderground in caves or bunkers.Global FloodingThe Bible tells us that Noah had 100 years warning of the Great Flood and used his time toprepare for it, building the ark and collecting animals. We will not have the luxury of so much timeto get ready if another great flood is going to engulf the world in 2012. Around 60% of the worldspopulation live in areas that would be totally submerged by a flood of only 20 feet high. Thatsalmost three billion people threatened with being drowned. The panic as they all try to get tohigher ground simultaneously is almost unimaginable. And for most of them higher ground will bebeyond their reach.Already the threat of Global Warming and the gradually rising sea levels that will come with it haslead a lot of people to think about the consequences for them and their loved ones if this scenario
  5. 5. comes to pass. However a flood in 2012 would come much more suddenly - accompanied bymassive hurricanes with hundred mile per hour winds and days of unrelenting torrential rain.Roads will be made impassable within hours. Remember Hurricane Katrina? This will be 1000times worse.So what could cause the next Great Flood? The most likely scenario is a near miss by PlanetNibiru. If Nibiru passes between the Earth and the Sun, its gravitational pull could upset theEarths orbit pulling us closer to the sun, resulting in a rapid increase in air and sea temperatures.The warmer conditions would mean much faster evaporation of water into the atmosphere.At the same time Nibirus near miss would accelerate the speed that the earth spins, causing theJet Stream (high altitude winds) to speed up as well. And as anyone who knows their weather cantell you, when rapidly rising, hot moisture-laden air and the Jet Stream meet you get one thing -Super Storms. And heres the thing, we wont get just one Super Storm. Well get hundreds allover the world, with rain like no one has ever seen before, maybe not even Noah.But thats not all. Even folks living on a lot of the Earths higher ground wont be safe. Widespreadcatastrophic landslides would come hand in hand with the 2012 Great Flood. Sodden hillsideswould give way without warning and plunge to the valleys below, carrying with them whole cities.In recent years landslides have killed countless thousands in South America and China.The Alaskan Tsunami of 1963 was caused by landslide triggered by an earthquake. The end wallof a fjord collapsed into the water, sending a wave over 1000 feet high towards the ocean,obliterating everything in its path.Of course the survival solution to this final scenario is pretty clear. Be in mountain areas where thehigh slopes are primarily made from solid, stable rock, and make sure to stay out of the valleys,which due to the heavy rain will rapidly become raging torrents.OK so thats the bad news. Now lets see what we can do about helping your family to survive theworst 2012 can throw at you.Mike Kerrigan a Special Forces survival expert has put together The Ultimate 2012 FamilySurvival Manual which contains all the information like this you need to stay alive in 2012. And itsour free bonus for you with the essential 2012 Official Countdown. Grab it now before its too late.Dynamic blueprint system intriduced to make money online with very little effort.
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