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Atlanta Briefing Part 1

This is very important, highly classified information that is vital to the success of Atlanta Gig codeword Muse.

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Atlanta Briefing Part 1

  1. 1. Phases 1. Line 2. Run 3. Party 4. Stalk Phase 1. Line This phase requires one to arrive as early as possible on February 27th in order to line up all day with cool Muse fans. Lots of Muse fans and some confused Radiohead fans.
  2. 2. Be a team player! Gwinnett Arena General Admission Entrance Phase 2. Running The key to this step is the two lines. The back line will link arms and run behind the first line which will run wildly arms flailing. Good use of arm flailing Efficient running yet not good for the team.
  3. 3. Image A) This is a cool picture of Dom.
  4. 4. This is a pie chart. It is not entirely accurate. Arm Flailing Waiting Partyin’ Stalking
  5. 5. Phase 3. Party Be warned. Faces may/will melt during this phase. Also be warned: Women become pregnant when Matt pulls out his keytar. And gigs are ruined when this is seen. You can try and create a circle pit but remember: It will never be as epic as the one at O2 so don’t aim too high.
  6. 6. Image B) Face may resemble this during phase 3 into the indefinite future
  7. 7. Phase 4. Stalk This phase is still in progress. For more information check the Atlanta (Ta Ta Ta) thread.