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Interactive multimedia products


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Interactive multimedia products

  1. 1. Interactive Multimedia Products<br />Jason Chao<br />
  2. 2. Interactive Multimedia <br />This slide show will show the Interactive multimedia products that I use in my daily life<br />Also I will explain the aspects that make the product to be considered as in Interactive multimedia product<br />
  3. 3. Xbox 360<br /><ul><li>This is my Xbox 360
  4. 4. Even though I don’t use it much I can still explain the features that makes this an interactive multimedia product.
  5. 5. This console isn’t only limited to gaming at 1080p HD, its actually a multimedia powerhouse, as it can play music with the controls of an actual music player (play, pause, stop, rewind ,skip), play movie files, view images and chat to friends online via an instant messaging system.
  6. 6. All this can be controlled by me through the consoles controller.</li></li></ul><li>Nokia MusicXpress 5800<br /><ul><li>This is probably the most used device by me
  7. 7. As this mobile is a Smartphone and has many capabilities like a computer.
  8. 8. The is phone can play music, videos, surf the web, navigate, take pictures, record videos, view pictures, play game and of course call people.
  9. 9. The interactivity of this phone is that you use your finger as the controls as this phone has a touch screen. Also what make this an IMM device is that it allows you to select what back ground picture you want, what ringtone you want, and also a custom equaliser for your music needs.
  10. 10. This phone is an example of a convergence device as it has the capabilities of many other devices, such as a computer and mp3 player in one unit.</li></li></ul><li>Custom Built PC<br /><ul><li>This by far is the most interactive equipment I own.
  11. 11. A computer in general is probably the most interactive piece of equipment, as you can virtually run an infinite amount of different applications on this machine depending on the hardware you have. The things you can run on a PC ranges from simulators to 3d graphic animations and computer assisted designers. With technology growing, more and more powerful computers can be built, to cope with even more complex calculations and simulations.</li>