How to have eager prospects calling and begging


Published on - tips for getting prospects and clients to engage with your faster and with higher quality.

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  • …You’ll learn, but - a professional website is not enough…
  • The reason for this shift is largely due to changing buyer behavior. Today’s buyer wishes to consume information when they want and how they want and often-times without the involvement of a sales person. Moving to a authority-based, leadership-driven web show that this type of marketing has a 62% less cost per lead compared to outbound, or traditional, marketing.In most cases, traffic from blogs, social media, organic and paid search end up converting into leads or sales on your main website. Without a website acting as an online hub, it would be difficult to attract new business to one source.
  • There are many more things on the SEO specific checklist – for that, just download our SEO guide on our resources page, or from within our blog (right side). (OR – just enter your email, and we’ll include it as well). Plus, you can learn about other media channels to build your lead generation too!.
  • First impressions matter. Is this company and site credible, trustworthy, professional, stable? Does it “speak to me”, make me feel welcome? Did I land on the right website and page?
  • For example, an in-depth study from the Stanford University and Consumer Web Watch, "How Do People Evaluate A Website's Credibility? Results from a Large Study," found that a website's designwas more important than credibility indicators such having a privacy policy, awards or certifications. TIP: try, a low cost usability testing tool to find out why website visitors leave your site. There are several others.
  • Marketing Experiments performed a test comparing the use of stock photography verses real imagery on a website and each of their effects on lead generation. What they found was that photos of real people outperformed the stock photos by 95%. Why? Because stock images tend to be irrelevant. Resist the temptation to use photos of fake smiling business people!
  • Content is at the top – and considered one of the most important for success with any website. People and search engines are looking for this, right now. It’s what drives visitors to you, and turns prospects into real leads.
  • FIRST - Ask this – will people know what I do within seconds?Will they understand what page they’re on and what it’s all about?Will they know what to do next?Why should they buy/try/subscribe/download from this site instead of somebody else?Google has a free website optimization tool – google website optimizer and tools like can help with feedback and testing – quicklyFor blogging – others can write for you – for example zerys and textbroker
  • Examples:youtube, blueburry, itunes, yelp, slideshare, docstoc, etc.
  • Finally - get your visitors to convert from a prospect into a lead.
  • Finally - get your visitors to convert from a prospect into a lead.
  • Finally - get your visitors to convert from a prospect into a lead.
  • Finally - get your visitors to convert from a prospect into a lead.
  • Watch this again!
  • How to have eager prospects calling and begging

    1. 1. How To Have Eager Prospects Calling and Begging For Next-Day Appointments4 Little Known Ways for Driving Traffic, Leads & Sales
    2. 2. ?
    3. 3. becomes: ‚What makes a great (Lead Generating) website?‛
    4. 4. <THE Interactive & Multi- Channel Web
    5. 5. SECTION 1 - Get Found Online
    6. 6. SEO (search engine optimization) • Not very technical, and work with your webmaster • Long term thinking over short term gains • Highest return over time if done right
    7. 7. SEO Starter tips - Broad 1. Create high quality educational or entertaining content 2. Set up a blog and schedule content (weekly) 3. Write guest posts on other blogs 4. Set up social media profiles – start sharing
    8. 8. SEO Starter tips - Specific 1. Research and choose a keyword for each page 2. Use keywords in headlines and sub- heads 3. Naturally place keyword and variations into body 4. Keywords in filenames and pictures (urls/jpgs, etc) 5. Think about your users 1st, search engines 2nd
    9. 9. SECTION 2 – Good User Experience & Design
    10. 10. Good User Experience & Design
    11. 11. Good User Experience & Design TIPS 1. Colors – two to four colors for templat 2.Avoid Flash and lots of ‚moving‛ parts 3.Clear navigation – beneficial for users & s 4.Clear fonts, sizes and colors to match, ea 5.Section headers, short paragraphs, bulle 6.Consistent page behavior as you move thr 7.More real pictures, less stock-photograp 8.Viewable on multiple devices – browsers
    12. 12. SECTION 3 – Great Content/Offers
    13. 13. Great Content/Offers - Tips 1. Create headlines that speak to ‚that‛ page 2.Use powerful value propositions, no ‘corp. speak’ 3.Clear ‘call-to-action’ and next steps 4.Test your copy, headlines and offers (A/B) 5.Provide educational content – ebooks, whitepapers, vids... 6.Write thinking about ‚how to‛ solve (their problems)
    14. 14. Great Content/Offers - Tips 1. Leverage that content (images, video, aud 2.Authentic customer stories, testimonials 3.Use online sites for reviews, local, specif
    15. 15. SECTION 4 – Improving Conversions
    16. 16. Improving Conversions with ‚CTA‛ - TIPS 1. Make it clear, bold – a link, button or im 2.Professional look – make them want to c 3.‚Less is more‛ – simple often works best 4.Test buttons, placement, language 5.Plan out ‚above fold‛ segments, copy, la 6.ABT = Always Be Testing! 7.Enhance your ‚thank you pages‛ 8.Specific landing pages (lead capture page 9.Make Forms with less ‘friction’ – less fiel
    17. 17. Improving Conversions - ‚BAD PAGE‛
    18. 18. Improving Conversions - ‚Good PAGE‛
    19. 19. Get A Free Strategy Session & GUIDE(there is nothing to Buy – JUST Enter your