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Naruto slideshow for uni

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  1. 1. Naruto: Interesting Facts
  2. 2. The AnimeNaruto is an Anime that has 2 parts to it, there’s Naruto and there isNaruto: Shippuden. The difference between these is that Naruto isbased as a child while he is at ninja school and he is out casted fromthe rest of the village. Naruto: Shippuden happens 3 years after theevents of Naruto happens so all the characters are teenagers and havegrown in strength and wisdom. Naruto Naruto: Shippuden
  3. 3. The Hidden Leaf and other landsThe story of Naruto is mainly based on the ‘Hidden Leaf village’ which is where bothNaruto and Saskue the two main characters are from.The ‘Hidden Leaf Village’ have close contact with the sand village as Naruto and Garra havea good friendship going.In Naruto: Shippuden all the other surrounding villages come into the scene as there is apossibility of a ‘Great Ninja War’
  4. 4. The Characters Uzumaki NarutoNaruto is the main character who hasbeen out casted by the village at ayoung age because of the Nine-Tails foxthat he has sealed inside him. Due tohim not getting attention fromanybody and him not knowing hisparents he was very troublesome as achild. Slowly through hard work hestarts to become recognized by thevillage and his friends.Eventually he becomes the village heroas he is the one who stops the villagefrom being destroyed by and groupcalled the Akatsuki
  5. 5. Uchiha Saskue Saskue is another main character in the story , Saskue is Naruto’s rival throughout the story. Both of their aims is to catch up to each other in skill and strength. Although Saskue is a Genius in ninjutsu and has the power of the Sharingan naruto has been able to catch up to him in strength through hard work alone. Saskue grew up in the shadow of his Brother Itachi who was a genius in Ninjitsu. Saskue s belongs to the ‘Uchiha clan.’ The ‘Uchiha clan’ live for vengeance so knowing that his older brother Itachi killed the rest of the clan including their parents he has lived on to claim revenge against his brother and that is his reason for strength. In Naruto: Shippuden Saskue finally gets his revenge but finds out the ugly truth about his Brother and now he’s out to take revenge on the ‘Hidden Leaf’ living up to the name of the ‘Uchiha clan.’
  6. 6. Sakrua HarunoSakura Haruno is another one of the miancharacters in Naruto. She was apart of team7 which included Naruto and Saskue.Her early years gave her an early rivalry withIno Yamanaka because of their deepinfatuation for Uchiha Saskue simply becauseof his good looks, cool attitude andprodigious talents.As the Anime continues she ends updeveloping further feelings for Saskue whichleads to her falling in love with him afterSaskue runs away from the ‘Hidden LeafVillage’ in search for power.Although at the start Sakura didn’t likeNaruto she developed a friendship with himas he was the only one who could possiblybring back Saskue.
  7. 7. Hatake Kakashi Hatake Kakashi is the leader of team 7. He is know worldwide for his ability with the sharingan which gave him the title of ‘the copy ninja Kakashi.’ Kakashi is the son of Hatake Sakuno who was know as ‘White fang of konoha.’ Kakashi was know from a young age as an extremely gifted prodigy , and is regarded as of the best in his generation. As a kid Kakashi was teamed with Uchiha Obito and Rin and that team was lead by Minato Namikaze who later became the ‘Fourth Hokage’ (Naruto’s father.) Kakashi was gifted the Sharingan at a young age during a mission with Uchiha Obito, after trying to save the other member in the team Obito was crushed after just waking his sharingan and before he died told Kakashi to take the sharingan for his use.
  8. 8. Nara ShikamaruNara Shikamaru was among thedead lasts of the class with NarutoUzamaki, Kiba Inuzuka and ChojiAkimichi spending all day pursuingwhat they deemed more importantpast times in which his caseincluded sleeping and watching theclouds, even putting pen-to-paperwas deemed an effort and wouldonly do it if he had to.Although he was in the class of the‘dead lasts’ he is a brilliant strategistwho lets laziness get the better ofhim but in a disguised IQ testdeveloped but his team leaderAsuma, they found out that at 13 hehad an IQ of over 200. Hisintelligence earned him praise forpeople like Kakashi and Tobi whoconsiders him a regrettableopponent.
  9. 9. Neji Hyūga Neji Hyuga is one of the main suporting characters in Naruto. He came into Naruto quite early leaving his mark as a boy who is marute for his age, who has great self conrtol. In battle is is generally able to remain calm in most situations and take care of the situation at hand. Neji was a firm believer of fate until his match with naruto soon changed his outlook on life, simply because he believe it was his fate to win the match against naruto, but despite Narutno being seriously injured and should have been unable to move Naruto fought on to win and change Neji as a person. Neji has and eye ability called the Byakugan which is the weakest of the eye abilities but only the Hyuga clan hold. On top of this Neji is a genius in hand to hand combat.
  10. 10. Uchiha ItachiEver since his first appearance Itachi hasbeen somewhat mysterious and acted asthough he was hiding his true self.Being a member of the akatsuki he hadincredible self control of his emotionsconstantly showing an emotionlesspersonality. Being confident in his ownability he only showed surprise when anopponent proved more powerful than hethought and even then he didn’t losecomposure, surprisingly he didn’t posesany arrogance.In addition to being a powerful person hewas equally impressive when it came tohis intelligence and was pretty wise. Hewas even more impressive when it cameto his sharpness and observation to anysituation he came across and he wasrarely surprised or caught off guard.