In her shoes


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In her shoes

  1. 1. In Her Shoes Family collage created by: Whitney Pelletier
  2. 2. • In Her Shoes • Interdependence plays a is about a role in the film when Maggie fallout looses her job and her sister between to has to take her in and sisters who support her. Rose has to are complete adjust her life to opposites. accommodate her sister’s Rose is needs. responsible and has her life together while Maggie doesn’t have any ambitions
  3. 3. Calibration… Maggie and Rose have to re calibrate their relationship often because Rose is constantly lecturing Maggie and Maggie constantly fights back.
  4. 4.  When looking at their relationship and how it relates to the dialect theory, you can se the different tensions that are needed in their relationship. There is a lot of give and take, and ultimately Rose can’t handle how much she gives and how much Maggie takes so she kicks her out.
  5. 5. Family Secrets…  Maggie find out a family secret that their Father has been hiding. Molly and Rose’s grandmother had sent them birthday cards with money in them their whole lives and their father hid them. Molly and Rose’s mother committed suicide and their father blamed their grandmother so he cut her out of their lives. In this case the secret was toxic because it hurt the
  6. 6. Narrative… Maggie goes to live with their grandmother, Ella, in Florida and she learns a lot about their family  Through the narrative theory Ella and Maggie bond over family stories and their relationship shifts from strangers, to family.
  7. 7. Ella and Maggie develop communication rules as theyget to know each other. An example is a constitutiverule that Maggie will respect her grandmother and pickup after herself if she is going to live there.
  8. 8. Sibling relational maintenance…When Rose learns thatMaggie is in Florida withtheir Grandmother shenever knew about shegets on a plane to gothere to meet herGrandmother andreconcile her relationshipwith Maggie. Rose andMaggie demonstratesibling relationalmaintenance byapologizing to each otherand bonding over a new
  9. 9. Relational Currency…  Rose and Maggie bond over a few relational currencies in the film. The most important is shoes. Maggie borrows Rose’s shoes and that is a form of their relational currency. Another is food. In one scene they go to their favorite diner to get pie.
  10. 10. Family conflict…Rose and Maggie’s conflict in the movie end up being a constructiveconflict and it serves as a learning experience for both of them. In theend they are actually closer and lean how to communicate moreeffectively. Instead of an ongoing family conflict it is finally in theresolved stage.