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Clip Mini


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Clip Mini

  1. 1. CLIP-MINISolar & USB Rechargeable LED Light
  2. 2. NEVER BUY BATTERIES AGAINWith the CLIP-MINI, outdoor adventurers won’t be limited to how far they go out for fear that their light willrun out of power. Simply charge the CLIP-MINI by either placing the unit in the sun or by plugging into thewall via the included USB charging cable. Unlike traditional lighting products that require toxic and difficultto recycle single-use batteries, from day one, the CLIP-MINI costs nothing to operate.The CLIP-MINI charges via Solar in 6 hours and via USB in 2 hours.
  3. 3. ALWAYS PREPARED FOR AN EMERGENCYThe CLIP-MINI is an essential addition to any emergency preparedness kit. With an internal Lithium-Polymerbattery that stores charge for up to a year, and a high efficiency solar panel to charge the CLIP-MINI from thesun, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll always have light in the case that a disaster strikes.While youʼre at it, add a Solio BOLT solar charger to your kit to power a multitude of devices if the electricity is out.
  4. 4. FIVE MODES & LONG RUN TIMEThe CLIP-MINI packs five lighting modes, each varying in intensity of brightness and illumination, givingusers multiple lighting options to fit their needs. Illumination modes include 100% strength, 50% strength,10% strength, Flashing, and SOS. With a fully charged battery, the CLIP-MINI provides 5 hours 30minutes of Light in 100% mode, 11 hours of Light in 50% mode, and 50 hours of Light in 10% mode.
  5. 5. BUILT-IN DIFFUSERFeaturing a built-in diffuser, it’s simpler than ever to soften the CLIP-MINI’s bright beam. End nightblindness by switching the light on with the red diffuser in place, and then switch over to white light onceyour eyes have adjusted. Additionally the CLIP-MINI can easily be converted into a bike safety light byplacing down the red diffuser, and switching the CLIP-MINI into Flashing mode.
  6. 6. READY TO GO!The CLIP-MINI is a versatile tool for adventurers of all types as it comes equipped with an integratedcarabiner, making on-the-go charging a breeze. Like itʼs solar charger siblings, the CLIP-MINI is light,durable, and aesthetically pleasing. Weighing only 3.6 ounces and encased in a rugged shell, the CLIP-MINI is able to withstand daily use, makes the perfect addition to a gear bag, glove box, or emergency kit,and encourages sustainability.
  7. 7. RETAIL PACKAGINGThe CLIP-MINI retail package is made from recycled content. The paper tray is made from paper pulp and iseasily compostable & recyclable, the plastic sleeve and hang tab are curbside recyclable.