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W taing kung ann confucian edit

  1. 1. I. Background of Confucian Confucius, born in the state of Lu in 551 BCE, was determined at a very young age to become a scholar. At this time, warfare for supremacy among the various states in China had begun, and Chinese social structure was deteriorating. Confucius sought a ruler who could bring back justice and harmony into society as it had once existed in the earlier Zhou dynasty. However, Confucius' desire for such an individual was never realized. Confucius taught from his early twenties until his death at the age of 72 in 479BCE. After his death, Confucius' disciples produced the Analects, a collection of his sayings which is the only record we possess of his teachings.Confucianism, unlike other philosophies of ancient China, focuses primarily on the human world, and the attainment of peace. II. Confucius achievement Confucius compiled one bible called “Liu Yi” mean the six arts; its objective is to find freedom of politic and economic. The six philosophy of Confucian are: 1. Yi scripture: is about to transmit the belonging or to inherit. 2. Che scripture: is about poetries to serve the beauty of nature. 3. Li scripture: is a celebrating of rituals. 4. Yo scripture: is a kind of music and song to feel better. 5. Chu scripture: is about history and record of events. 6. Chhu xiu or Spring:is about the history of Lu dynasty. The philosophy of Confucian valued morality, humanity, and justice. According to his philosophy, there are two kinds of people: The first kind of person is wisdom; he or she is CONFUCIAN NAME: TAING KUNG ANN SUB: FOUNDATION EDUCATION SHIFT: EVENING
  2. 2. willing to abandon the interests for justice and his or her good reputation, and other group of people is willing to abandon the justice and good reputation for their own interests. Humanity: Confucian banded to have war in any circumstances; he had seen that war is the source of inhumanity. He didn’t like the cruelty, inhumanity which the people did on the animals, people such cough prisoner of the war and cut their hand, leg out and also take the people to into the boiled water and to squeeze the criminal head till die. Justice: Confucian had seen the justice in two ways; it is in society and family. For this, the justice should exist in the family first and then society. Confucian knew that justice is hidden in people’ hearts and the actions. So, to have the justice in the society, the first step needs the have the justice in family and then society. Confucian concept is “Children must listen to their parents and the orders. Morality: Confucian told all the ranges of people in the society and families have to dare to accept their own false to their family and law also. The criminals must be punished according to their actions. If the serious crimes, he or she will be executed or dare to suicide themselves. The philosophy of Confucian focusedon each person must have guilty or embarrassed felling after he or she commit crimes or mistakes. People must understand what the right, justice for lives. Confucian formed one more principle called “Chin” mean “Love others”. Confucian objective is to let the educated people love others’ interests and lives the same as theirs. The articles in the principle are: Offer a good deed, if returned back with the good things regarding as doing nothing. Offer a good deed, if returned back with the bad things receiving with the two hands as experiment. Never impose on other what you would not choose for yourself. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Helping others and returned back with sorrow and suffering, escape from it before it reach you. Deal honestly with others and require honest in return. That which hateful to you, do not do to your fellow. III. The meaning of Confucian philosophy
  3. 3. The philosophy of Confucian is the development and the build of the human society. The objective of the spread of his ideology is: To educate people to escape from the misfortune believes to people love the standard of living in society and find all the ways to restrain from the crises which most people faced in their lives. Confucian drew people’ attention not to fall in conviction. He have taught people to depend on their strength and believe on their own will especially use the considering to solve the problems. The philosophy of Confucian is very far away from the religion because his philosophy tented to the improvement of the present lives, not the post-lives. The philosophy of Confucian is also used the word “God”, but God here, it does not mean the God who is believed in the religion. The God of Confucian is the intelligence and ethics. The philosophy of Confucian is the order of the consciousness to seek the ways to release the sorrows from lives, but not happiness, sin or merit for the next life. IV. Virtue and politic principle of Confucian Confucian’s virtue focused on mercy, compassion and righteous. He mentioned that all the people in the society have their own works in order to have their own interests with morality and righteous. Confucian called All of these actions are virtue, but if they do their work with lacking of the ethic then their actions will be not right and lacking of virtue. On the other hand, Confucian regarded the managing with virtue is better than managing with rule. He expected the managing with virtue will process smoothly and fruitful. The good management means make the society in order and prosperous. To have prosperous in society need to improve the living standard of the family. To improve the living standard of the family need to have solidarity of the families’ members. To have the solidarity of the families’ members need to have strong commitment and good education. In this case mean that, when the people are educated bring their standard of living are well managed. After the families are well managed lead the society in order and finally will bring world with peace.
  4. 4. Confucian thought that people should do what they want and what the people want is happiness. To obtain the happiness people dare to sacrifice everything. From the Confucian’s idea, he state to the rule of the government that “Good government is the one that lead their citizen to happiness”. To have happiness, Confucian mentioned to the management of the state is like the management of the big family with a king is a father. The state is processed is to serve the big family to have better lives. Through Confucian, he mentioned that the king should feed, maintain, and teach to all the people whoare his children and grandchildren. Confucian not appeal to all the members are equity in the society. He thinks in society must have the higher class, middle class and lower class. There is not the democracy in the philosophy of Confucian. He thinks there three kinds of people: know with study, known without study, and unknown with study.Confucian is critical to middle class who not accepted the self-position in the society.Confucian thinks that to have society in order at least the people in the society well cooperated which he called put in the right position; it mean that all the people in society need to have their own position in the society.The meaning in here is that the manager is the manager, the minister is the minister, father is father, and son is son. All the names have different positions and functions. If the names did not fulfill their positions and functions correctly then it will be chaos. Ex: If the manager is not care about the management skills even though he or she is popular; he or she will not be a good manager. For conclusion, we have seen that the philosophy of Confucian is contributed a lot of benefits to push the philosophical and moral politic to improve. What we are interested the most is Confucian did not use his strength to solve the problem, but code of formulas is basically used to solve the problem.