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Room: W101
Name: Chan Houng
Subject: Foundation of education
Lecturer: SoeungSopha
Comenius: The Search for a New Method
her love and care and make the child familiar with his or her home environment. The mother should
have a special place tea...
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W chan houng


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W chan houng

  1. 1. Room: W101 Name: Chan Houng Subject: Foundation of education Lecturer: SoeungSopha Comenius: The Search for a New Method Jan Amos Komensky, also known as Comenius was a great Czech thinker, philosopher and writer, though he is best known as a pioneer of education. On March 28th , the anniversary of Komensky’s birth in 1592, Czech schoolchildren traditionally honour their teachers-indeed it is Teacher’s Day here in Czech Republicand he died on November 15, 1670in Naarden (Holland). Comenius become a pastor at age 24 and led the Brethren in to exile when the protestants where persecuted under the Counter Reformation. During the nineteenth century Comenius become idealized as a suymbol of the Czech nation. Comenius was a teacher, scientist, educator, and a writer. He was one of the earliest champions of universal education. Comenius became known as the teacher of nations. The Comenius medal one of the UNESCO’s most prestigious awards honoring outstanding achievements in the fields of education research and innovation is named after him. In 1919 the Comenius University was founded in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia. A European Union school partnership program (Comenius European cooperation on school education) these were so original that they won him the name “Father of Modern Education”. And because of his efforts on behalf of universal education, he earned the title of “Teacher of Nations”.He was the first to recognize that the play of childhood was learning, and advocated learning for all — including the poor and women, ideas that were unheard of in his day. He wrote more than 200 books on his educational system of rounded curriculum and human betterment. His work has affected human rights and the unity and freedom of mankind all over the world. Comenius was one early educator who contributed to a “universal system of education” which planned to teach all things to all children. Comenius has a special plan for preschoolers which was known as “mother school or nursery school” for children up to six. According to Comenius, early childhood is the mother should be well aware of the need of the child, give him or
  2. 2. her love and care and make the child familiar with his or her home environment. The mother should have a special place teach children and this is known as “school at mother’s knee”. Comenius was the “initiator” of the home based early childhood education. He stressed on protecting children’s health. Comenius was also concerned about the security and happiness essential in the earliest years. Comenius considered that then class rooms should be provides the young children with pleasant learning environment attractive to the eye. The rooms bright and clean, walls ornamented with pictures, he considered that the school should have an open area as a garden to walk run and play and it should be fest to the eye with trees, flowers, and plants He further suggested that education should be given step by step, from the simple to the more complex and from near to the distant and from the general to the more specific. What Comenius believed as attributes of the true teacher are to be adopted by the preschool teacher.He suggested three types of preschoolsMother’s school, infant school and nursery school. Like modern educators, Comenius used pictures, maps, charts and other visual aids. He even brought drama into the classroom. In his system, there were four grades, equivalent to pre-school, grade school, high school and college. He advocated the necessity of three kinds of education: intellectual education, moral education, and religious education. To teach “all things to all men” was the theme of Comenius’ theory of education, which was called pansophy. Comenius considered that the talent to realize the goals of education is naturally inherent in people, and it is the role of education to bring out this natural gift, that is, “nature.” Comenius said that, fundamentally, parents are responsible for education, but should they become unable to do it, schools would become necessary to replace them. According to Comenius, the image of the ideal person was that of a “pan sophist,” or a person who has learned all knowledge concerning God, nature, and human beings. After I study and reach about this pioneer, I know that he is very famous in the world and his life so perseverance. Comenius can serve as a historical mentor, or model, for today’s teacher. I think his method it is very good for teacher prepare before they teach and follow it.