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CitSocSci wheelchair mobility prototype

An idea prototyped at the Citizen Social Science Swarm with Nominet Trust at end March 2014

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CitSocSci wheelchair mobility prototype

  1. 1. One of the primary concerns for wheelchair users in getting from point A to point B is that sometimes they need assistance in getting on and of the bus and often they don’t have access to a pool of people who can support them at the necessary times. So, how do we connect Travellers with Angels?
  2. 2. Lorna is a busy mother of two who hasn’t got time to volunteer but would like to do something beyond donating for charity that would make a positive difference to someone else’s life. She commutes on a daily basis from Stratford to Liverpool Street, where she takes the bus from Romford Road to Stratford station and then the underground to Liverpool Street. She recently saw an new app Advertised on London Tonight called Travellers & Angels
  3. 3. Travellers & Angels Andrew wakes up on Monday morning knowing he has to run the gauntlet of trying to get into the city for an early morning meeting, at the London Government Association office in Liverpool Street. Andrew represents wheelchair users at their monthly group meeting and often finds that he arrives late because of problems getting on the bus.
  4. 4. Travellers & Angels Andrew takes out his smartphone and opens up his Travellers Angels App. He goes to the home page and tells the app to get him to Liverpool Street
  5. 5. Travellers & Angels Technical Functionality
  6. 6. Travellers & Angels Additional Functionality: • Points card enabling Angels to claim rewards (coffee) • Web interface (not just a phone app) • SMS alert functionality (non smart phone users) • Social share to build the community (e.g. stickers on bus stop; airport pick-up points; social media, call to action video etc… • Expand to other transport networks • Expand to tourists; the elderly; mothers with kids • Expand to supporting campaigning and awareness raising